RTF 4010 Maintenance Manpower

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  1. What is AF Personnel Center Manpower Agency?
    The are the Grand Daddy of all Manpower
  2. Name the 3 Capability Base Management Standards


    Command Guidance
  3. What is Simulated Manpower Standard?
    Labor Code "100" only ( assigned to people who actually touch the aircraft)  ie; Sortie Generation
  4. What are Non-simulated Manpower Standards?
    Use Labor Code 200 / 300.  Use for back shoppers
  5. What is the function of the Logistics Composite Model?
    Determine 75% of Manpower Requirement
  6. What is the function of Air Force Manpower Standards?
    Compute 25% of Manpower Requirements

    Focus on Labor codes 200 / 300
  7. What is the function of AFPC/Manpower Agency?
    Identifies manpower requirements necessary to complete USAF mission
  8. Whose goal is to get 100% of Maintenance Manpower Requirements?
    Capability-Based manpower standard (CMS)
  9. What computes 100% of manpower requirement?
    Maintenance Man-Hour per Flying Hour
  10. What is unique about the Command Guidance Manpower Standard?
    • MAJCOM Specific
    • Labor Codes may vary
    • Computes 5% of manpower requirement
  11. What is the Logistics Composite Model (LCOM)?
    Designed to locate the best or optimal (minimum) mix of logistics resources to support a given weapon system under given operating conditions
  12. What is the purpose of LCOM?
    A computer based simulation model to statically determine the required number of Maintenance Manpower positions in each AFSC to produce the desired number of sorties hours in support of a specific weapon system based on PAA.
  13. What is the primary tool used by AF/A1 Manpower to determine and defend -75% of Aircraft Manpower requirements?
    Logistics Composite Model (LCM)
  14. What are the two scenario requirements of LCOM?
    • Maintenance requirements
    • Operations Requirements
  15. What are the 5 steps to the LCOM simulation process?
    MRS Review - Historical data

    Field Verification Visit - 4 person team

    Run simulation -  multiple scenarios

    Verification, Validation & Accreditation

    Final Manning Hours Determined - No money = No Manpower
  16. What are the shortfalls of the LCOM?
    Generic Scenarios

    Doesn't Account for exercises, deployments, skill levels

    No BAI and AR
  17. How can the LCOM be influenced?
    Ensure accurate scenario input

    MIS Data must be Correct

    Importance of Crew Chief and OJT

    Assign a POC during the LCOM visit

    Command Policy and Standards
  18. What is Air Force Manpower Standards?
    Capability-based manpower study that quantifies requirements

    Based on pre-determined workload factors

    Number of manpower positions required to support the mission

    Always use in conjunction with LCOM
  19. What standard is always used in conjunction with LCOM?
    Air Force Manpower Standard
  20. What is Maintenance Man-Hour Flying Hour Computation?
    = 100% of maintenance manpower required to generate flying hours

    It is MDS specific
  21. What is used when LCOM/AFMS studies are not available?
    Maintenance Man-Hour per Flying Hour Computation
  22. What are the 4 components of AFMS
    Description of Unit

    Man-hour equation

    Manpower table

  23. What are the 4 components of MMH/FH?
    Productive Manning (sortie Gen) Labor Code 100

    Addenda (Mx Support) Labor Code 300s

    Additives (Muns & Special Equipment) Labor Code 300

    Overhead (Leadership) Labor Code 300
  24. What are the Primary Documents of Manpower Management?
    UMD - Unit manning Document

    UPMR - Unit Personnel Management Roster

    ACR - Authorization Change Request

    OCR - Organizational change Request
  25. What is the Unit Manning Document? (UMD)
    = Spaces - authorization/requirements by work center

    Detailed Manpower Listing

    Identifies mission driven manpower
  26. What is an unfunded position?
    work load with no bodies
  27. Who manages the UMD?
    The installation's Manpower Office
  28. How do you make changes to the UMD?
    Must submit an Authorization Change Request
  29. What is a Authorization Change Request?
    Request to change AFSC, Security clearance, Position Number, SEI on the UMD
  30. What is the Unit Personnel Management Roster?
    = FACES

    Detailed Manpower Listing

    Provides name and rank of assigned personnel

    Reflects projected gains and losses

    Positions should match UMD
  31. Who Manages the UPMR?
    The MPF -- Force Management
  32. How do you make changes on the UPMR?
    Must submit a 2096
  33. What is an Organization Change Report?
    Request changes to organization structure
  34. How do you make changes to Unit Activation, Inactivation, or Re-designation?
    Organization Change Request
  35. Name 3 Maintenance Management Systems
    Base Level Service Delivery Model

    Enlisted Quarterly Assignments List

    EQUAL Plus
  36. List Maintenance Manpower TTPs?
    Compare UMD - UPMR

    Be Proactive

    Command Leveling

    Establish Relationships

    Continuity Book

    Careful with double billeting on UPMR
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