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  1. Why do we report aircraft status?
    Our leaders make decisions based on aircraft statuses

    The USAF uses Report Information to

    Compute the official USAF inventory

    Accounting and analysis

    Build USAF programming documents related to budgeting and staffing

    Produce statistical analysis
  2. Goals of MAJCOM Establish Capability Goals
    Goals enable HAF to set goals

    MC-rate goals and plans also determine readiness
  3. Why does Aircraft Reporting Matter?
    Determines translates readiness

    Articulates a units ability to produce capability

    Errors in reporting can cause USAF to loose funding, manpower, supplies
  4. How do we Determine Aircraft Maintenance Status
    Operational requirements 

    Determines if the aircraft is airworthy
  5. Describe Mission Equipment List (MEL)
    Pre-Launch document that list the minimum equipment needed to operate the aircraft

    The Pilot has final authority

    Aircrew determine capability and airworthiness using the MEL.
  6. Minimum Essential Subsystems List (MESL)
    Lay the ground work for reporting aircraft status (MDS specific)

    List the minimum essential systems and subsystems that must work on an aircraft for it to perform specifically assigned wartime, training and test missions

    Does not determine airworthiness or safety of flight

    Do not use the MESL to gauge GO or NO GO

    Maintenance reports aircraft status using the MESL
  7. Describe Aircraft Statuses
    FMC =  The aircraft can perform all of its missions 

    PMC – The aircraft can perform some of its mission but not all 

    NMC – The aircraft can perform cannot do any of its assigned missions
  8. Can we Fly and aircraft in NMC Status?
    Yes, the maintenance status NMC airworthy must be used when an aircraft can not accomplish the units wartime, training or test mission but is still airworthy (safe for flight)
  9. Aircraft Possession
    Aircraft Possession is the Actual Acceptance, Operations Use or Designation of Responsibility for an Aircraft

    Essential in order for the USAF to accurately account for location and aircraft inventory
  10. Criteria for Gaining or Losing Possession
    Possession changes when flight crew of the gaining organization accepts and leaves with the aerospace vehicle 

    The flight crew of the losing organization or a neutral flight crew delivers the aircraft 

    IF aircraft is damaged or destroyed The nearest base with the necessary repair or reclamation capability takes possession 

    Possession does not change if the parent organization does not repair aircraft
  11. When does Maintenance Status start?
    If in flight discrepancy, the time starts when the aircraft reaches its parking location and engine shut down.
  12. When does NMC time stop during Scheduled Inspections
    Entering phase aircraft will be coded NMC until the look phase is complete

    Normal NMC-driver WUC reporting applies after the look phase is complete 

  13. Describe the 2-Hour Rule
    When MC places an MC aircraft into scheduled MX on the printed flying schedule, the status changes only if it is determined that maintenance cannot and will not return the aircraft to a MC status within 2 hours.
  14. What is Pacing Discrepancy?
    The WUC for the condition that will take the longest to correct
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