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  1. characteristics of a Band
    • -oldest form
    • -least complex
    • -small groups 30 to 50 people
    • -nomadic food collectors
    • -little to no individual property ownership
    • -egalitarian
  2. example of a band
    Chippewa/Ojibwa (U.S./Canada)
  3. Politcs of a band
    • decisions are embedded within the wider social structure
    • informal leaders
    • -one can persuade or give advise, but has no power
    • power lies in the hands of indigenous healers
    • -acquired abilities through deams
    • -dealt with matters of life/death
  4. Chippewa/Ojibwa
    • semi-nomadic
    • depended on the environment
    • name refers to type of machasin means puckered
    • utilize seasonal camps
    • domed lodging (wigwam)
    • men:hunting fishing
    • Women:Gathering (rice staple)
    • Sugar bushing men and women ( collect maple syrup in spring)
    • Influenced through contact with fur traders
  5. characteristics of a tribe
    • Horticulturalists and Pastoralists
    • Egalitarian 
    • Local leaders but no centralized leadership
    • produce more food
    • -larger more dense population
    • -more sedentary
    • pan tribal
  6. Pan Tribal
    • they can integrate local segments into a large whole
    • occurs when there is an external threat
    • nor permanent
  7. example of a tribe
  8. Yanomami
    • Brazil and Venezuela
    • Ebene: hallucinogen ground into powder and mixed with ash and spit
    • Village Shabono:
    • -Oval Village
    • -Open and Public
    • -40 to 300 people
    • -live between rivers 
    • Village Garden:Swidden Horticulture (women
    • plantains, cassava, tobacco, cotton
  9. Yanomami Political Orginization
    • Headman:
    • uses personal whit, charisma
    • stands out among equals 
    • clear gardens, plant crops, and hunts
    • peace maker
    • valiant warrior
    • Peacemaking: Requires the threat or use of force
  10. Characteristics of Cheifdoms
    • Population size is large and dense
    • 1,000 to 2,000 people in a village
    • villages are connected to one another
    • -with populations between 10,000 to 100,000
    • involve intensive horticulture or agriculture
    • fisheries
    • developed tool tech.
    • irrigation
    • increased food supply with excess
    • sedentary
  11. Chiefdoms Political organization
    • power in one individual
    • -alone with an advisory council
    • made up of local communities that are not all equal
    • -based on relationship to the chief 
    • chiefs have the authority to distribute land
    • not all individuals need to be producing food:
    • -start to see job specialization
    • -Chiedfs can recruit
    •  -military service
    •  -laborers for public works projects
    • their authority is reinforced by alleged supernatural powers
    • Chiefs collect and distribute commodities in a society
    • -commoners can pledge support
    • -makes sure no one goes without
  12. Example of Chiefdom
    Hawaiian Chiefdoms
  13. Characteristics of a State
    • formal and complex
    • Governs many communities over a broad geographic area
    • High population density:10,000-millions
    • Large urban centers
    • intensified agriculture
    • food surpluses are not distributed equally
    • -stratified society
  14. State political system
    • power to collect taxes-need for writing,record keeping, system of weights and measures
    • recruit labor for armies and civilian public works projectshave a monopoly on the right to use force
    • -police force and militarywritten laws
    • membership is based on place of residence/citizenship-rather than kinshipmonumental architecturemaintains authority through ideologymarket economy
  15. example of State
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