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  1. tempered water
    water between 85-110
  2. sewage ejector
    a device for lifting sewage with steam, air or water
  3. sewage
    any liquid waste containing animal or vegetable matter
  4. supports
    devices for supporting/securing pipe and fittings
  5. sump vent
    a vent for a sump that terminates to open air
  6. stack
    any vertical line extending through at least one story
  7. soil pipe
    a pipe that conveys sewage containing fecal matter
  8. slope
    the fall of a pipe referenced by a horizontal plane
  9. sump pump
    an electric pump that removes drainage but not sewage
  10. subsoil drain
    a drain that collects subsurface or surface water and conveys it to a place of disposal
  11. stack vent
    the extension of a soil or waste stack above the highest horizontal drain
  12. private
    fixtures to be used by a family or individual
  13. process piping
    piping systems that are not building services or power piping services
  14. public utilization
    fixtures in public areas intended for use by the public
  15. quick-closing valve
    a valve or faucet with a fast closing action
  16. relief vent
    a vent which provides circulation of air between drainage and vent systems
  17. rim
    an unobstructed open edge
  18. roof drain
    a drain that collects water from the roof and discharges it into a leader or conductor
  19. mechanical joint
    an approved connection that is not screwed, caulked, threaded, soldered,solvent cemented, brazed or welded
  20. non-potable water
    not safe for drinking or personal use
  21. occupancy
    the purpose for which a building is used or occupied
  22. offset
    a combination of bends that brings a section of pipe into a new parallel line
  23. open air
    outside the structure
  24. potable water
    water that is safe for public utilization
  25. lead free pipe
    contains not more than 8% lead
  26. lead free solder
    contains not more than .2% lead
  27. individual sewage disposal system
    a septic tank, cesspool, or mechanically treated system not directly connected to the public sewer
  28. individual vent
    a pipe that vents only a single fixture trap
  29. horizontal pipe
    any pipe or fitting less than 45 degrees
  30. hot water
    greater or equal to 110 degrees
  31. emergency floor drain
    a floor drain that does not receive any direct or indirect discharge
  32. dead end
    a branch at least 2' long terminated by a closed fitting
  33. developed length
    the length of a pipeline measured along the centerline
  34. dfu
    a measure of discharge into the drainage system by a plumbing fixture
  35. circuit vent
    a vent connected to a horizontal drainage branch that vents between 2 and 8 traps of like fixtures
  36. cistern
    a small covered tank for storing water for a home
  37. cleanout
    an accessible opening in the drainage system used for the removal of obstructions
  38. common vent
    a vent that serves 2 fixture traps
  39. contamination
    an impairment of the water that creates a hazard to the public
  40. cross connection
    any physical connection between 2 separate piping systems
  41. flow pressure
    the pressure near the opening of a water supply pipe while the water is fully flowing
  42. flood level rim
    the edge of a receptacle from which water overflows
  43. fixture supply
    a pipe that connects a fixture to a supply branch or main
  44. fixture drain
    the drain from the trap of a fixture to a junction with any other drain pipe
  45. fixture branch
    a drain that serves 2 or more fixtures and discharges into another drain or stack
  46. grease interceptor
    a plumbing appliance that intercepts oily and greasy wastes from a waste water discharge
  47. backflow connection
    any arrangement where backflow is possible
  48. backflow (drainage)
    a reversal of flow in the drainage system
  49. backsiphonage backflow
    backflow caused by a negative incoming pressure
  50. backpressure backflow
    a pressure less than or equal to 4.33 psi or a 10' column of water
  51. backflow preventer
    a device or means to prevent water from flowing in the wrong direction
  52. bathroom group
    a group of fixtures including a wc, lav, tub or shower including or excluding a bidet or emergency floor drain located together on the same floor
  53. building drain
    the lowest part of the drainage system that extends 30" beyond the exterior walls and connects to the sewer
  54. approved
    acceptable to code official or other authority
  55. air admittance valve
    one-way valve that allows air to enter the drainage system that closes by gravity when not needed
  56. adaptor fitting
    an approved connecting device that joins pipes or fittings which do not otherwise fit together
  57. access cover`
    a plate permitting access to pipes or fittings for inspection repair or cleaning
  58. antisiphon
    valves or mechanical devices that eliminate siphonage
  59. aspirator
    a fitting or device supplied with positive pressure that passes through an integral opening causing a vacuum
  60. air gap
    the unobstructed distance between the outlet of a waste pipe and the FLR it discharges in to
  61. access to
    ensuring that a fixture appliance or equipment can be reached
  62. area drain
    a receptacle designed to collect surface or storm water from an open area
  63. air break
    an arrangement in which a drain discharges indirectly below the flood level rim and above the trap seal
  64. backwater valve
    a device or valve installed in the building drain or sewer pipe which prevents drainage or waste from backing up into the drainage system
  65. building sewer
    extends from the end of the building drain and conveys discharge to the place of disposal
  66. building subdrain
    the portion of the drainage system that does not drain by gravity to the building sewer
  67. building trap
    a device or fitting installed in the building drain to prevent circulation of air between the building drain and the building sewer
  68. base flood elevation
    a reference point based on the 100 year flood level
  69. branch interval
    a vertical measurement 8' or more in developed length
  70. branch vent
    a vent connecting 1 or more individual vents with a vent stack or stack vent
  71. branch
    any part of the piping system except a riser, main or stack
  72. building
    any structure with walls columns, beams, floors, or a roof
  73. trap
    a fitting that provides a liquid seal to prevent escaping sewer gas without obstructing normal flow
  74. trap seal
    the vertical distance between the weir and the top of the dip of the trap
  75. sump
    a tank or pit receiving sewage or liquid waste below grade of the gravity system that must be emptied by mechanical means
  76. structure
    that which is built or constructed or a portion thereof
  77. stack venting
    a method of venting a fixture or fixtures through the soil or waste stack
  78. public water main
    a water supply pipe for public use controlled by public authority
  79. ready access
    a clear path without the need for removal of parts or the assistance of a ladder
  80. main
    the principal pipe to which branches connect
  81. rough in
    piping installed prior to the installation of fixtures
  82. reduced pressure principal backflow preventer
    a backflow prevention device with 2 independent check valves 1 normally closed and 1 normally open with a space between to check
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