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  1. a
    • a. Density dependent birth & death
    • b. DD for birth, DI for death
    • c. DI for birth, DD for death
    • DD: # of individuals influences growth rate
    • Y: birth or death rate per capita
    • X: population density
    • equilibrium density in middle
    • a. Plantain. (Y)log scale of seeds per individual (X) log of plants per m2
    • b. song sparrow (Y) ave clutch size (X) females per unit area
    • Density dependent
    • population regulation-competition for resources
    • negative feedback
    • Density dependent population regulation
    • negative feedback
    • Cheetah use chemical communication to mark territorial
    • Density Dependent Population Regulation
    • negative feedback
    • Territoriality
    • Colonial nesting
    • strongest in middle
    • Population Dynamics
    • Isle Royale Moose
    • larger animals more stable?
    • fluctuations from weather and predation
    • population dynamics
    • Dungenese crab population
    • (Y) order of magnitude factors of 10-kg log scale
    • (X) year
    • Metapopulations & Immigration
    • nearer island=more immigration
    • ecological vacuum- it will get filled by mainland birds
    • Boom-and-Bust cycles
    • (X) year (Y) left side hare pop, right side lynx pop (thousands)
    • predator prey oscillations
    • phased shift
    • study by Hudson Fur
    • lynx & hare
    • lynx supplemental fed on other prey
    • hares less food, weaker, easier prey
    • exponential growth of humans
    • J curve
    • (X) year (Y) human population (billions)
    • The Population Bomb
    • Paul Ehrlich
    • rate of increase
    • human population
    • (Y) annual percent of increase
    • (X) year 1950-2050
    • approaching K
    • increasing @ decreasing rate
    • ZPG-2 ways Demographic transition
    • (Y) birth or death rate
    • (X) year 1750-2050
    • Sweden: normal
    • Mexico: fluctuating
    • Population Pyramids
    • (Y) age
    • (X) top: male/female bottom: % of pop
    • a. afgan b. US c. Italy
    • predicts growth
    • a. Infant mortality
    • (Y) deaths per 1,000 births
    • (X) developed v developing countries
    • b. (Y) Life expectancy years
    • Ecological footprint per country
    • (Y) ecological footprint per person
    • (X) available ecological capacity per person

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