Ch 17 Review MBCS 104

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  1. The correct code for an unlisted procedure for the breast is?
  2. The usual global surgery period for a major procedure is?
    90 days
  3. The CPT code that is used to report materials and supplies by the physicians for which no other more specific CPT code exist is?
  4. The surgical package includes?
    Typical follow up care
  5. A triangle before a code indicates that the code description is or has been?
    Revised code
  6. This information is placed after some codes in the CPT manual and contains helpful information?
    Parenthetical information
  7. The global surgery period includes?
    Post operative follow-up visits, all routine, pre-op care
  8. When the words "separate procedure" appear after the descriptor of a code, you know which of the following about that code?
    They are considered minor procedures that would only be reported if it was only service provided.
  9. What code is used to report routine postoperative care?
  10. Excision including simple closure of benign lesions of the skin includes this type of anesthesia?
  11. What are the divisions of the Surgery section based on?
    Body Systems
  12. Which of the following represents the contents of a surgical package?
    Pre-op, Intra-op, Post-op
  13. When using an unlisted code a(n)___ must accompany that claim?
    Special Report
  14. Local anesthesia is defined in the CPT guidelines as?
    All the above (local infiltration, metacarpal/digital block, or topical anesthesia)
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