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  1. public ministry
    the approximately three years following his baptism in which Jesus publicly preached the Good News of salvation
  2. parables
    allegorical stories with hidden truths or meanings that question commonly held perspectives and were used by Jesus to provide insights into the Kingdom of God
  3. obedience
    Jesus' compliance with God the Father's plan for salvation
  4. actualization
    taking something that was once potential and putting it into action or making it actually happen
  5. signs
    in a broad sense, actions or events that convey meaning by pointing to something other than themselves
  6. hypostatic union
    in Christology, the union of the divine and human natures in the one divine person of the Son of God, Jesus Christ
  7. Gentiles
    members of "the nations," that is, anyone not belonging to the Jewish community
  8. creation
    the act by which God alone, from nothing, brought into being all that exists outside of himself freely, directly, and without any help
  9. Redemption
    Christ's work in freeing us from the domination of evil and sin
  10. disordered affections
    the emotions and passions of the heart which are not directed toward their proper objects
  11. grace
    our participation in the life of God and his free help that allows us to respond to his call to become his children
  12. salvation
    God's gift of forgiveness of sins and the restoration of friendship with God
  13. justification
    God's gracious action that "[cleanses] us from our sins" and communicates "to us the righteousness of God through faith in Jesus Christ" (Romans 3:22) (CCC, 1987)
  14. sanctification
    the work of the Holy Spirit to make human individuals holy with our cooperation
  15. almsgiving
    money or goods given to the poor out of love
  16. conversion
    the lifelong process guided by the Holy Spirit involving a fundamental reorientation of life toward God and away from sin
  17. holiness
    the perfection of charity
  18. Christian Anthropology
    the study and understanding of what it means to be human in relationship to God
  19. steward
    someone who takes on the responsibility God gave humans to take care of the Earth and everything in it
  20. soul
    the spiritual principle of a human person; each human soul is individual and immortal, and created by God immediately
  21. particular judgement
    the judgement of each individual at the moment of death by Christ that determines the immediate entrance of the soul into Heaven, Purgatory or Hell
  22. Paschal Mystery
    Christ's work of Redemption accomplished through his Passion, death, Resurrection andAscension
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