Miss Universe

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  1. Tell me something about yourself.
  2. What are your strengths and
  3. Who or what inspires you the
  4. Who would you consider is a positive
    role model for young women?
  5. If there is one thing you could do to
    change the world, what would it be?
  6. What are your hobbies?
  7. What makes you very angry?
  8. Why did you enter this pageant in
    spite of being in a full-fledged career?
  9. What makes you sad?
  10. What is your opinion about this
  11. Why do you think we should choose you
    as our winner?
  12. Tell us what sets you apart?
  13. What makes you most uncomfortable and
    how do you deal with it?
  14. What is your opinion on premarital
  15. Do you have a boyfriend? Is he OK with
    the idea of you taking part in this pageant?
  16. What are you willing to sacrifice for
    this pageant?
  17. Are your parents OK with the swimsuit
  18. Do you think the swimsuit round is
  19. What are the aspects you need to work
  20. What is the worst thing that could
    happen to you?
  21. How do you see yourself a year from
  22. How do you see yourself five years
    from now?
  23. What are your life goals?
  24. Who has had the greatest influence on
    your life up to this point?
  25. How do you think can improve yourself
    and your personality?
  26. What makes you happy?
  27. What makes you scared?
  28. What intimidates you?
  29. What makes you confident?
  30. What makes you fearful?
  31. Who is the most important person in
    your life?
  32. At the end of your life, what do you want
    to be happy about?
  33. Tell us something interesting about
    your job.
  34. What do you find most challenging
    about your job?
  35. What do you want to prove in
  36. What have your achievements been so
  37. How would you define beauty?
  38. What would you do to guarantee your
  39. What are the three things you would
    never do to the person you love?
  40. Do you know why we would select
  41. How would you contribute to your
  42. How will you
    highlight the problems in your city and try and solve them?
  43. Tell us three strong
    points about your personality and why they also serve as your weaknesses?
  44. What is the one quality you feel that
    is required for this pageant?
  45. Are you smart or sexy?
  46. Does sexy have a negative connotation?
  47. How do you think you can help in the
    prevention of STD‟s and aids?
  48. Do you think our country has a problem
    with gender bias?
  49. What do you think are the challenges
    our country faces?
  50. Describe what motherhood means to
  51. What would life after rape belike?
  52. Describe yourself in two words and
  53. What would you name your autobiography
    and why?
  54. How far are you willing to push
  55. Would you resort to unethical
    practices in order to win this pageant?
  56. Would you bribe someone to clear the preliminaries?
  57. What is your take on one-night
  58. If were intimate with someone who
    recorded a sex tape and it was somehow circulated around, how would you deal
    with it?
  59. Who, according to you is legendary?
  60. If you could work in a film, who would
    you choose as your costar?
  61. Who do you think is the sexiest man
  62. Where do you think our country
  63. How would you deal with a break up and
    what would you do to move forward?
  64. What would be your logo on a T-shirt?
  65. If you had a magic wand what is the
    one thing you would ask for?
  66. If you had an enormous amount of cash
    today how would you spend it?
  67. What do you think money can buy and
    what it can‟t buy?
  68. How do you describe sex appeal?
  69. What are some of the games people
  70. What is the one thing that sets a
    woman apart from a man?
  71. Describe humanity.
  72. If you were not here where else would
    you be?
  73. Tell us about one book you read
  74. Tell us about one life-changing
    experience in your life
  75. What kind of music do you listen to
    and why?
  76. How would you spend a Sunday
  77. Choose between a fit body or a fit
  78. What is the one cause that you fully
  79. What is the one thing you would not
  80. What do you stand for as a person?
  81. Who is your mentor?
  82. What does love mean to you?
  83. Do you think plastic surgery is an
    option for those less fortunate in the looks department?
  84. Are you someone people would want to
    be friends with?
  85. Are you a good confidante?
  86. Who or what makes up your world?
  87. How do you feel about pageant
  88. Do you think we will judge you
  89. Tell us about the most beautiful place
    in our country?
  90. Do you relate to your community?
  91. Are you superstitious?
  92. Do you believe in horoscope
  93. Do you believe in blood group matching
    before marriage?
  94. If you were to fall very ill on the
    final day of the pageant, would you continue to compete knowing that you
    wouldn‟t be able to give 100%?
  95. Looks can be deceptive do you
  96. What are the qualities of a woman of
  97. Are you as beautiful as you want to
  98. Tell me about a recent goal you
  99. What do you expect to gain by
    participating in pageants? Why?
  100. At what point does a girl become a
  101. Do you consider yourself to be a giver
    or a taker? Why?
  102. What do you want to do in life?
  103. Do you believe that everyone is a
    winner? Why or why not?
  104. What has been the biggest
    disappointment in your life? Why?
  105. Are looks important? Why or why not?
  106. Tell me about some of your family's
  107. What do you like most about yourself?
  108. What measures do you take to safeguard
  109. The ideal woman is...
  110. What has been the biggest failure of
    your life?
  111. Do you consider yourself a woman or a
  112. What is your secret to success?
  113. What motivates you to work?
  114. What is one question you would ask me
    if I were a contestant?
  115. If you had to choose between your
    family and your career, which would you choose? Why?
  116. What is the best advice your parents have
    given to you? Why?
  117. Are you a role model? Why or why not?
  118. Every few seconds another person
    becomes infected with HIV. What do you know about HIV and AIDS?
  119. How important is it to look your best
    at all times?
  120. What has been the biggest
    disappointment in your life?
  121. What is your favourite magazine?
  122. Why do you want to be the winner of
    this pageant?
  123. If you had to choose to be beautiful
    but not intelligent or intelligent but not so beautiful, which would you
  124. What is the role of today's woman?
  125. How will pageant competition help you
    develop as a person?
  126. Why is it that people who are
    attractive tend to be more successful?
  127. What do you see as the difference
    between confidence and conceit?
  128. Other than this pageant, what is the
    greatest challenge in your life?
  129. Tell me something that will make me
    remember you?
  130. What talent would you most like to
    have? Why?
  131. Everyone has a mission in life. What
    do you think your mission is?
  132. What is the most important thing you
    did to prepare for this pageant?
  133. What have you learned about yourself
  134. Which would you prefer to be in the
    long term: a software professional or a model/film actress?
  135. What is your greatest obstacle? Why?
    How will you overcome that?
  136. What is your goal in life? Why?
  137. If you could be famous, in what way
    would you choose?
  138. What color, best describes your
    outlook on life? Why?
  139. What can women learn from men?
  140. What is your favourite pageant
  141. Other than physical appearance, what
    do you like most about yourself? Why?
  142. What word do you not like to
  143. What kinds of people do you surround
    yourself with? Why?
  144. Tell me about your self-confidence.
  145. Are you a patient person? Why or why
  146. Do you find it easy or difficult to
    say "no?"
  147. Where would you rather be right
  148. When did you first realize that you
    were beautiful?
  149. What do people think about you?
  150. What is your most marked
    characteristic? Why? Do you want to change? Why or why not?
  151. When was the last time you cried? Why?
  152. What made you decide to enter this
  153. What is your most treasured memory?
    (or prized possession?)
  154. If you could go on a picnic anywhere
    in the world, where would you go, who would you take and what food would you
  155. If you could live in someone else's
    shoes for one day, who would it be and what would you do?
  156. If I looked in a dictionary under your
    name, what words would be used to define you?
  157. What is your best quality? What is
    your worst quality?
  158. If you don't win this title, which
    contestant would you like to see win and why?
  159. If you had one message to the world
    what would it be?
  160. If you win tonight, how will you use
    your title to benefit others?
  161. What do you feel is the most important
    part of competition?
  162. What qualities do you feel a title
    holder should possess?
  163. What are your goals in life?
  164. What do you think about the pro-choice
    versus the pro-life debate?
  165. If you were offered one million
    dollars to pose nude, would you do it?
  166. When people say the phrase “the
    sanctity of marriage”, what does that mean to you?
  167. Should stem cell research be banned,
    continued or expanded? Why?
  168. What are your views on Euthanasia?
  169. Do you believe that homosexuality is a
  170. Do you think marijuana should be
  171. If a cure for cancer
    was announced in the form of a medication, however, leaving 50% of its patients
    left with full bodied paralysis, would you support this cure? Why?
  172. If you found out a close family member
    had committed a crime, would you turn them into the police?
  173. Do you speak to others before they
    speak to you?
  174. Do you consider yourself a leader?
  175. Define integrity.
  176. Convince us. What quality do you
    possess, that you believe, none of the other girls possess?
  177. Is sexual purity a thing of the past?
  178. What would you say to the people who
    believe that natural disasters are caused by God‟s wrath?
  179. Should healthcare be government ran?
  180. Should the government bail out failing
  181. Do you think women will get further in
    life if they exploit their sexuality?
  182. Do you believe that girls who compete
    in pageantry while still a toddler are affected negatively?
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