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  1. adhesion
    the abnormal fibrous attachment of two surfaces to each other
  2. edema
    an abnormal accumulation of fluid in the intercellular spaces or connective tissue causing swelling
  3. divide
    to separate a structure into two parts
  4. adhesiolysis
    surgical division of adhesions
  5. cannula
    a tube enclosing a trocar. The cannula or tube providing a working port for endoscopic scopes and instruments.
  6. carcinoma
  7. desufflate
    deflate the pelvic or abdominal cavity of C02
  8. distend
    to enlarge or stretch
  9. diverticulum
    an abnormal sac or pouch in the walls of a canal or organ (intestine or bladder)
  10. chest tube
    tube inserted into the thoracic cavity usually for drainage.
  11. contralateral
    located on the opposite side
  12. ipsilateral
  13. dissect
    to cut apart or separate
  14. bifurcate
    to divide in two parts (or ranches)
  15. apposition
    hold edges together
  16. approximate
    hold edges of tissue together in direct apposition
  17. avascular plane
    a tissue plane lacking vessels
  18. biopsy
    the removal and exam of tissue
  19. cauterization or cautery
    using a hot agent to burn or destroy tissue, mainly to stop bleeding
  20. diagnostic
    a surgical procedure to determine the cause of illness
  21. endoscopy
    viewing the internal structures of the body with a scope
  22. enucleation
    to remove a part or mass in its entirety
  23. shear
    an instrument that cuts
  24. dissector
    an instrument that facilitates dissecting or separating tissue
  25. grasper
    an instrument that will grab and hold tissue firmly
  26. infundibulum
    having the form of a funnel
  27. incontinence
    inability to retain urine or feces
  28. fundus
    the top part of the internal surface of a hollow organ (fundus of the stomach)
  29. fossa
    pit or depression
  30. fulguration
    destruction of tissue by means of high-frequency electric sparks
  31. excise
    to remove by cutting out
  32. fistula
    an abnormal passage leading from a hollow organ to the body surface or from one hollow organ to another
  33. hemostasis
    to stop the flow of blood
  34. hernia
    a sac that is created by protrusion thru an organ or thru a wall of a cavity
  35. hydrocele
    an accumulation of fluid in a sac
  36. flapper valve
    valve on a trocar that helps maintain gas pressure in the pelvic cavity
  37. insufflate
    to fill the abomen with C02
  38. parietal
    pertaining to the walls of a cavity
  39. palliative
    surgical repair to alleviate symptoms, not cure
  40. opposition
    hold edges apart (apposition is the opposite)
  41. mobilization
    freeing an organ from structures that it is attached to
  42. necrosis
    death of a living tissue caused by inadequate blood flow
  43. septic necrosis
    with infection
  44. aseptic necrosis
    without infection
  45. occlusion
    obstruction or obstacle
  46. oncology
    study of cancer and tumors
  47. insufflate
    to fill the abdomen with C02
  48. ischemic
    an obstruction causing a decrease of blood flow.
  49. laparoscopy
    looking inside the abdominal cavity with an optical instrument
  50. ligate
    to tie off (ligate a blood vessel)
  51. lumen
    the internal part of a hollow organ
  52. lymph nodes
    a rounded body composed of lymphatic tissue which contains lymphocytes and monosites and acts as a filter which keeps particulate matter from processing any further in the lymphatic system. it can contain cancer cells that have migrated from a primary site
  53. lysis
    freeing of (adhesiolysis- freeing of adhesions)
  54. malignant
  55. morcellation
    dividing solid parts into pieces, to facilitate removal of large specimens from the body
  56. patent
    open, unobstructed
  57. pedunculated
    a narrow stalk by which a tumor or polyp is attached
  58. perforation
    make a hold thru a hollow structure
  59. stopcock
    a valve, to hook up C02 insufflator
  60. specimen
    the portion of a structure that has been removed
  61. sleeve of trocar
    the cannula of the trocar minus the sharp obturator
  62. sessile
    attached with a broad base, not stalked
  63. polyp
    a mass of swollen menbrane protruding into a cavity
  64. portal
    a point at which something enters the body
  65. PLND
    Pelvic Lymph Node Dissection
  66. peritoneum
    a smooth membrane that lines the abdominal cavity
  67. peritonitis
    inflammation of the peritoneum
  68. reflux
    to flow back
  69. resect
    to excise a major portion of a structure
  70. peristalsis
    wave-like movement of viscera which facilitates movement of contents
  71. mid-axillary
    placement along the vertical line running down from the armpit area
  72. subxyhoid
    midline placement below the xyphoid process or sternum
  73. umbilicus
    in the belly button
  74. suprapubical
    placement above the pubic bone
  75. stricture
    the abnormal narrowing of a bodily passage or tube
  76. transect
    to cut across
  77. transmural
    across the wall of an organ or structure
  78. white line of tolt
    point of fusion between retro-peritoneal bowl and parietal peritoneum. it must be incised so that retro-peritoneal bowl can be mobilized prior to excision or resection
  79. viscera
    pertaining to the internal organs of a cavity
  80. veins
    vessels carrying blood toward the heart
  81. varix
    abnormally dilated and lengthened vein or artery (varicose vein)
  82. vagus nerve
    a nerve that promotes secretion of hydrochloric acid. it runs parallel to the esophagus
  83. vascular
    pertaining to blood vessels
  84. transmural
    across the wall of an organ
  85. trauma
    an injury or wound to living tissue
  86. trocar
    a sharply pointed surgical instrument contained in a cannula.
  87. traumatic
    potentially damaging or aggressive
  88. frontal plane
    front of the body from the back
  89. midline or sagittal plane
    middle of the body dividing it to right and left
  90. coronal plane
    divides body into anterior and posterior sections (aka frontal plane)
  91. transverse or horizontal plane
    parallel to the medial plane located on either side of the midline **upper and lower
  92. paramedian or parasagittal plane
    divides the body into unequal right and left sides
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