Day 32

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  1. appreciably
    adv. significantly, noticeably, considerably  뚜렷하게, 상당히

    The temperature dropped appreciably this morning.
  2. assess
    v. evaluate, estimate, judge, appraise (특성, 자질등을) 평가하다, 재다

    With the help of her counselors, Helen began to assess her life.
  3. banish
    v. expel, exile, deport, oust      추방하다
  4. choice
    n. option, alternative           선택권, 대안
  5. comparatively
    adv. relatively                  비교적, 꽤
  6. consume
    v. expend, use up, exhaust      소비(소모)하다
  7. excavate
    v. dig out, unearth, disinter, quarry    발굴하다

    In search of ancient ruins, an archaeology team excavated possible sites on the island of Patras.
  8. exclude
    v. expel, leave out                배제하다
  9. exert
    v. apply, exercise, employ, wield   (힘 능력등을) 발휘하다, 가하다

    Andre Agassi won the match without even seeming to exert himself.  
  10. extraordinary
    adj. exceptional, unusual, remarkable  비범한
  11. forage
    v. search, rummage, hunt        찾아다니다, 먹이를 찾다

    Steve was surprised to find a raccoon foraging in his garbage can.
  12. fragile
    adj. easily broken, breakable, delicate, weak   깨지기 쉬운, 연약한

    Newspaper was added to the fragile package to prevent items from breaking.
  13. have nothing to do with
    phr. be not related to             ~와 관계가 없다
  14. interpret
    v. construe, explain, explicate, elucidate   설명하다, 해석하다
  15. lavish
    v. 1. expend, waste, squander    낭비하다

    Dog lovers will lavish time, effort, and huge sums of money on their pets.

    adj. 2. deluxe, luxurious, splendid   사치스런, 호화로운

    The hotel had extremely lavish suites.
  16. lucrative
    adj. gainful, profitable, advantageous, fruitful                          이익이 되는, 수익성이 좋은

    Barbara was offered a lucrative three-year contract with the Walt Disney animation crew.
  17. mainly
    adv. generally, largely, chiefly, primarily   주로
  18. manifest
    adj. 1. obvious, definite, clear, evident  명백한

    It is manifest that Paolo does not know what it is to be an artist.

    v. 2. demonstrate evidence, reveal, show 증명하다

    Heart disease manifests itself with a variety of symptoms, the most common being chest pain and shortness of breath.
  19. material
    adj. physical, bodily, corporeal, tangible  물질적인
  20. meticulously
    adv. carefully            주의깊게, 꼼꼼하게

    The project needs to be meticulously planned since the team only has four weeks to complete it.
  21. nervous
    adj. on edge, excitable, uneasy     신경질 적인
  22. obstinate
    adj. unyielding, studdorn, determined, headstrong                     완고한, 고집 센

    Tina's father is obstinate in his views regarding politics, so he is not always an easy person to talk to.
  23. overstate
    v. exaggerate, play up               과장하다

    Newspaper stories usually overstated the strength of the current regime.
  24. pack together
    phr. cluster, group, gather      모이다

    Cells pack together in different ways depending on their functions.
  25. perform
    v. carry out, execute, accomplish     수행하다
  26. perishable
    adj. spoilable, likely to decay, likely to spoil 상하기 쉬운

    Butter, milk, fruit, and fish are perishable goods that must be refrigerated or they will spoil.
  27. pound
    v. beat, thrash, batter, strike     마구 치다
  28. prolific
    adj. productive, fertile, fruitful    결실이 많은, 다작의

    Over the last four decades, Harris has proven himself to be a prolific director.
  29. proof
    n. evidence, testimony                     증거

    The scientists have no direct proof of Mikhail's hypothesis.
  30. serene
    adj. calm, peaceful, tranquil          고요한, 평화로운

    Paine's painting shows a serene summer night in the woods.
  31. spawn
    v. create, give rise to, produce, generate  야기하다, (어떤 결과, 상황을) 낳다

    Authorities feared that the terrorist act would spawn another terrorist act.
  32. substitue
    v. 1. exchange, replae              대체하다

    n. 2. Alternative                  대안
  33. surpass
    v. exceed, outrun, excel, beat         능가하다

    The Egyptians far surpassed all other ancient civilizations.
  34. survival
    n. exisence                            생존
  35. ubiquitous
    adj. omnipresent, existing everywhere  어디에나 존재하는

    The ubiquitous mosquito is especially bothersome during camping trips.
  36. undergo
    v. experience, suffer        (어려운 일을) 겪다

    The United States has undergone many recessions.
  37. weed out
    phr. remove, eliminate               제거하다

    The first month of FBI training is made especially difficult in an attempt to weed out any unsuitable candidates.
  38. worn-out
    adj. exhausted              지친 or 닳아서 못쓰게 된

    Peter was so worn-out after work that he fell asleep without having dinner.
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