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    • What is a print server?
    • is a dedicated sercer that connects one or more printers to a network
  1. What are the different types of print severs available?
    • internal
    • external
  2. What is an HP JetDirect Print Server card?
    are essentially network interface card designed for printers
  3. What are HP JetDirect cards designed for?
    is an internal print server designed specifically fro hewlett packard printers
  4. . What Ethernet configurations are compatible with the HP JetDirect 600n EIO cards?
    • 10Mbps Ethernet 802.3
    • 100Mbps Fast Ethernet 802.3u
  5. What do the 10 and 100 LEDs on the 610N indicate?
    • 10- indicates that a 10Mbps connection is established
    • 100- indicates that a 100Mbps connection is established
  6. What are three examples of printer information displayed in the General Information section of the Configuration Page?
    • MAC address
    • Manufaturer ID number
    • HP Jetdirect part number
    • firmware revision number
  7. What three entries must be entered into the IPv4 settings to properly configure a network-based printer?
    • IP address
    • subnet mask
    • default gateway
  8. What section of the Embedded JetDirect Page contains the Printer’s Host Name?
  9. What command line utility is used to remotely administer an HP LaserJet Printer?
    telnet IP-address
  10. What is a network interface card?
    is the electronic circuitry that enables a computer system to directly connect to a network
  11. What Layer of the OSI Reference Model does the NIC reside at?
    layer 1
  12. What are the four responsibilities of the NIC?
    • converting the parallel data inherent to internal computer communication into serial data for transmission on the network
    • putting the signal to be transmitted onto the network medium
    • receiving signals that are on the network medium
    • converting received serial data into parallel data for internal computer communication
  13. What is a Packet Driver?
    identifies how the various protocals are supposed to communicate with the network interface card
  14. What Layer of the OSI Reference Model does a MAC address reside at?
    layer 2
  15. How many bits are contained in a MAC address?
    48 bits
  16. What are the first three bytes of a MAC address referred to as?
    vendor code
  17. What Layer of the OSI Reference Model does an IP address reside at?
    layer 3
  18. What Layer of the OSI Reference Model does an IP address reside at?
    • IP address
    • subnet mask
    • default gateway
  19. How many bits are contained in an IP address?
    32 bits
  20. What is the purpose of the subnet mask?
    is used in conjunction with the IP address to determine the logical address of the network that the device resides on
  21. what is the purpose of a default gateway
    provides a path off of the local network and out to remote networks
  22. What does DHCP stand for?
    dynamic host configuration protocol
  23. What must happen if a Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) Server is not being used?
    the TCP/IP will have to be manually configured
  24. What 3 TCP/IP entries are required in order to gain access to a network?
    • IP address
    • subnet mask
    • default gateway
  25. What program is used to test the NIC configuration?
    windows XP command prompt
  26. What command displays TCP/IP settings for NIC?
  27. What device IP Address do you ping to verify network connectivity?
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