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  1. Latina/o Immigration
    Immigrants and undocumented immigrants means that there is a minority of Latina/o population.
  2. Immigration Law as a Racial Project
    • Ex. 1923 Supreme Court Decision U.S. vs. Bhagat Singh Thin which gave no rights also explicitly towards a certain group
    • Ex. 2 1986 Immigration Reform control act (IRCA) Penalized employers which was not as explicit
  3. "Latino Threat"
    Metaphors for immigration as uncontrollable waves of people
  4. Anti-Immigration Backlash
    Bills that were supposed to decrease Immigration but in actuality helped the Latinos
  5. 1994 CA Proposition 187
    This bill had undocumented immigrants being prohibited from using health care, public education and other social services. It was later declared unconstitutional
  6. 2005 HB 4437
    Prohibited aid to undocumented immigrants
  7. 1070 AZ HB
    Officers had the right to ask for documentation for any suspicion
  8. 1965 Immigration and Naturalization Act
    Established Family Unification
  9. 1986 IRCA
    Penalized employers for harboring an illegal immigrant
  10. 1996 IIRIRA
    Made it more difficult for family unification because it deported the immigrants back for a certain amount of years
  11. Transnationalism (Cultural)
    Migrants maintain various connections to their homelands. Ex. Chicago's "Little Puerto Rico"
  12. Transnationalism (Political)
    Helping to make a difference by bringing people from Mexico together. Ex. Remittances funds given to help Mexico states grow
  13. New Latino Destinations
    Latinos having to move to a different place that has better treatment for education
  14. Racial and Gender Politics of Immigration
    Mixed Status Families differential citizenship within the family
  15. Hometown Associations
    Civic organization, Leverages power in U.S. and Mexico, gives Immigration rights
  16. The Young Lords
    Gives examples of how racial formations are contested and transformed
  17. Space as Racial Project
    Policies that encourage gentrification and segregation which influence neighborhoods to change (gentrification)
  18. Racial Politics of Space
    Historically constructed and socially maintained, i.e. race, racism and race relations
  19. Segregation
    Social-spacial isolation i.e. physically, socially, etc.
  20. Gentrification
    Replacing poor population neighborhoods with the higher class (Pushing the poor around)
  21. Education as a Racial Project
    Subtractive education policies and regulative education policies.
  22. Academic Tracking
    Students are systematically arranged to enter their academic "ability". i.e. going into a shop class because they are hispanic
  23. Subtractive Education Policies
    Taking your identity by education
  24. Selective Regulation
    Militarization of schools (zero tolerance policies) and policing of students and low-income neighborhoods (school to prison pipeline)
  25. Alverez v. Lemon Grove Board 1931
    The board was trying to build a separate school for students with Mexican descendants but this was ruled against them
  26. Re-segregation of Schools
    Allowing schools to be segregated again by supreme court from the case 1991 Dowell v. OKC
  27. 1991 Dowell v. OKC
    Ended mandatory desegregation
  28. Militarization and Zero tolerance policies
    Tend to reduce school violence, systematic push out of students into the justice system
  29. Counter Narratives
    Things that contradict the stereotypical views of a normal person would think
  30. Latina/o Social Movements
    Attempting to contest the dominant racial projects and transform existing racial formations
  31. Cultivation Hypothesis
    People that watch a lot of TV can be shaped by this media
  32. Symbolic Annihilation
    There is a small percentage that are too small to be represented or underrepresented. Once visible they are stereotyped
  33. Latinos Beyond the Reel
    (Symbolic Annihilation) The Latinos shown here give a counter narrative and counter stereotype.
  34. Counter-Stereotype
    Replacing negative with positive. Not showing any true signs that the media has the right views
  35. Right to Communicate
    Distribution of mediated knowledge. The right to be understood and to seek comprehension
  36. Latina/o Media Activism
    Contesting against the media. Technological and economic access. Challenge government policy
  37. Immigration Rights Movement
    Ex. 2006 May Day Marches to fail the Sensenbrenner Bill (which did fail)
  38. DREAM Act Movement
    This was supposed to allow undocumented students to get an education
  39. Racial Formation
    Socio-Historical process by which racial categories definitions are created, transformed, and destroyed
  40. Racial Projects
    Links the meaning people attach to race to the structural experiences of race Ex. Manifest Destiny
  41. Racial Projects (Micro)
    Peoples' personal experiences (vocational)
  42. Racial Projects (Macro)
    Peoples' relationship structures such as government, schools, media (college track)
  43. Differential Citizenship
    Different treatment of people i.e. by skin color
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