Moliere's Tartuffe 1939 MAT

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  1. Acting realisations:
    • too preoccupied with design as a means of creating truth
    • all creativity came from him
    • overlooked importance of acting
    • eliminated use of "Inner Action" (process for actors to explore their characters)
    • eliminated use of "Magic If" (extrapolating motives by asking hypothetical)
    • work in tandem
  2. Purpose
    "All actors must have a purpose on stage"
  3. Rehearsals
    • Heavily improvised - develop characters organically
    • forbade exact learning
    • rejected complex mise-en-scenes (diminished actors ability to create themselves)
    • burn meticulous notes
  4. Circles of Attention
    • improve focus and concentration
    • to eliminate the audience from your consciousness to allow true connections
    • the value of isolating yourself on the stage
  5. Method of Physical Action
    • dedication to ensemble playing
    • extrapolated emotions of characters through highly physical processes of improvisation
    • a series of physical activities to create the desired emotional response for the character.
    • Actor consciously targets and controls subconscious emotions
  6. Tempo/Rhythm
    • importance of awareness
    • Isadora Duncan
    • encouraged to find through series of exercises
    • enhance their performance by developing an appropriate speed at which they act
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