Tah Biology (sustainability)

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  1. What is a natural cause of Extinction?
    • - Ice Age
    • - Climate change
    • - Natural Fires
    • - Comet / Asteroid
  2. What are four artificial causes of extinction?
    • -Deforestation.
    • -Industrial farming.
    • -Building.
    • -Pollution of lakes.
  3. How can we help stop animals becoming extinct?
    • -Stop killing trees
    • -Plant more habitats
    • -Captivate them
  4. Why do we protect Pandas?
    Due to the tourism factors bringing in lots of money.
  5. What the distinctive feature of a baleen whale?
    Baleen plates in the mouth to sieve the krill.
  6. Why are whales close to extinction?
    • Hunted for:-oil
    •                  -Fat
    •                  -Skin
    •                  -Teeth

    • Loss of food for toothed whales
  7. Name a feature of a toothed whale?
    It has teeth so it can trap food such as large fish and squid for consumption.
  8. When are whaling quotas introduced?
    • -High Pollution
    • -Over Fishing/hunting
    • -Food webs in ecosystem out of controle
  9. 4 ways which sustainability is introduced?
    • Whales captivity
    • Sustainable developement
    • Fishing Quotas
    • Managed woodland
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