Natural selection B2

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  1. Who came up with the theory of natural selection?
    Charles Darwin
  2. What is the theory of natural selection?
    The theory of natural selection says that if animals or plants are better adapted to their environment they and the following generations are more likely to survive and produce offspring
  3. What was Darwin unsure of?
    How the adaptations were passed on
  4. Briefly, how can the modern version of natural selection be summarised?
    • -within any species there is variation
    • -organisms produce far more young than will survive, so there is competition for resources
    • -only those best adapted will survive
    • -those that survive pass on successful adaptations to their offspring
  5. Over time , the changes produce by natural selection may result in what?
    a new species.
  6. Why is natural selection difficult to study?
    the effects take thousands of years to see.
  7. What are some shorter effects of evolution that can be seen?
    • bacteria becoming resistant to antibiotics
    • peppered moths becoming dark or pale in colour.
  8. Why did people, at first, disagree with Darwin's ideas?
    • Some people thought there wasn't enough evidence.
    • Many people believed God created species
  9. Why is Darwin's Theory now widely accepted?
    • It explains a lot of observations.
    • It has been discussed and tested by scientists.
  10. What was Lamarick's theory?
    • The law of acquired characteristics.
    • E.g- Giraffes acquired long necks to feed, these characteristics were then passed on.
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