B2 interdependence

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  1. why do animals and plants compete?
    to survive and prevent the species from dying out
  2. what do they compete for?
    food, water, shelter, light and minerals
  3. why does population size change in some places in certain seasons? e.g swallows and martins
    there is a lack of the food that they eat in winter so they fly south
  4. why do some plants grow in spring rather than summer? e.g yellow primroses and bluebells
    so they can catch as much light as possible before the beech tree leaves are fully out
  5. why do they plants find it difficult to grow in summer?
    the larger trees take most of the light, water and minerals as they compete with each other
  6. why do animals breed?
    to reproduce and carry on the species so that they don't die out
  7. why do some animals have to leave their mothers territory?
    so they don't have to compete with her for food
  8. what is an ecological niche?
    the role of an organism within an ecosystem
  9. what is a squirrels ecological niche?
    to live in the woods and eat acorns
  10. why is it important that different species have slightly different niches?
    so they don't have to compete with each other for food
  11. what is the difference between the niches of the seven spot and two spot ladybirds?
    the seven spot ladybird eats larger greenfly, whereas the two spot greenfly eats smaller greenfly
  12. what is close competition?
    there are two similar species of squirrel, the native red squirrel and the American grey squirrel. Both compete for similar niches in Britain so results in a decline in the number of red squirrels
  13. what is interspecific competition?
    competition between two different species
  14. what is intraspecific competition?
    competition within the same species
  15. why does intraspecific have a greater effect on the population?
    the animals of the same species have the same ecological niche so compete with each other
  16. why does interspecific competition have less of an effect on population?
    different species have slightly different niches
  17. give an example of an animal that helps another animal out? and describe how they do it?
    an oxpecker and a buffalo, the oxpecker sits on the buffalo and feeds on the insects that live on the buffalos skin.
  18. how does the oxpecker help the buffalo and benefit itself?
    cleans the buffalo by getting rid of ticks and fleas but the oxpecker gets food
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