GRE Words

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  1. Assuaging
    • to make milder; to appease; soothe; 
    • *Sounds like massage which is soothing
  2. Prosaic
    • commonplace or dull; unimaginative
    • in the form of prose rather than poetry
  3. Abstruse
    • Hard to understand; esoteric
    • sounds like obtuse, which is someone who doesn't understand
  4. Abjured
    to renounce; repudiate; retract; to avoid or shun; to give up under oath
  5. Acridity
    sharp taste or smell
  6. Tranchancy
    a sharp analysis or remark
  7. Acumen
    general mental sharpness; shrewdness
  8. Laconic
    using few words; concise; saying a lot with few words
  9. Strident
    having a harsh sound; shrill, irritating quality or character
  10. Mellifluous
    • sweetly or smoothly flowing; sweet sounding
    • sounds like melody
  11. Euphonic
    • agreeableness of sound; pleasing to the ear
    • eu=good
    • phonic=sound
    • eu+phonic= good sound
  12. Vociferous
    crying out noisily; clamorous
  13. Punctilious
    • strict/exact in observance of formalities
    • formal conduct
  14. Waggish
    roguish in merriment; good humor
  15. Mien
    air, bearing, or demeanor; showing character
  16. Convalescing
    to recover strength and health after illness
  17. catholic
    diverse; widespread; broad in tastes
  18. Apogee
    climax; highest or most distant point
  19. Obviate
    to anticipate and prevent; eliminate; render unnecessary
  20. Soberly
    Quiet or sedate in demeanor; subdued in tone; marked by seriousness
  21. Melancholically
    Gloomy; very sad; mournful; depressed
  22. Picayune
    • of little value or account; small; trifling; petty
    • strong modifier
  23. Paltry
    • ridiculously or insultingly small; utterly worthless; mean or contemptible
    • very strong modifier
  24. Infinitesimal
    • indefinitely or exceedingly small; immeasurably small; less than an assignable quantity
    • very strong modifier
  25. Interminable
    • unending; incapable of being terminated
    • In=can't
    • Terminable=terminate
    • In+terminable= can't be terminated
  26. Middling
    Moderately; fairly; moderate or average in size, quantity, or value
  27. Consummate
    • to complete; to bring a state of perfection; supremely skilled; complete or perfect; highest or most extreme degree
    • positive connotations
  28. Egregious
    • extraordinary in some bad way; glaring; flagrant; outrageous; shocking; 
    • very strong negative connotation
    • many times refers to morals
  29. Abatement
    Reduction; to decrease; suppress
  30. Fostered
    the ongoing process of developing, growing, encouraging
  31. Capitulated
    to surrender unconditionally; to give up resistance
  32. Acquiesced
    to submit or comply silently without protest; agree; consent
  33. Averred
    to assert or affirm with confidence; to declare in a positive manner
  34. Idiosyncratic
    something peculiar to an individual;
  35. Parsimonious
    frugal; stingy
  36. Avaricious
    greedy, covetous, wants more money
  37. Covetous
    greedy; eagerly desirous; wrongly desirous of wealth or possessions
  38. Penurious
    • extremely stingy; miserly
    • Penny-pinching
  39. Rapacious
    inordinately greedy; predatory; seizing for plunder or satisfaction of greed
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