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  1. The Triple Constraint
    Time, Cost or Resources, and Scope
  2. Process
    Input, Tools & Techniques and Outputs...There are 47 processes

    • EX: 1) develop schedule is a process is to perform develop the rpoject schedule
    • 2) identify risk is another process
  3. Knoweledge Areas
    • 1. integration
    • 2. Scope
    • 3. Time
    • 4. cost
    • 5. Quality
    • 6. HR
    • 7. Communication
    • 8. Risk
    • 9. Procurement
    • 10. Stakeholder
  4. Five Process Group
    • Initiating - has 2 process
    • Planning - has 24 process
    • Executing - 8 prcess
    • Monitoring and Controlling -  11 process
    • Closing - 2 process, total of 47 process
  5. Oranizational Process Assets are
    • 1. Template for common project docs
    • 2. Examples from previous project plan
    • 3. Organizational policies, procedures, and guidilines
    • 4. Software Tools
    • 5. Databaseaas of project information
    • 6. Estimating data for budget or schedule components
    • 7. Historical Info
    • 8.Lessons Learns
    • 9. Knowledge Bases
    • 10. Special Corporate competencies
  6. Enterprise Environmental Factor
    • 1. companys organizational structure
    • 2. corporate culture
    • 3. organization value and work ethic
    • 4. Laws and regulation
    • 5. Characteristics
    • 6. overall state of the marketplace for your project
    • 7. orgnaization infrasturcture
    • 8. stakeholder or organization appertite for risk
  7.  6 Integration management process - Input
    • 1.Initating - develop project charter
    • 2. planning -  develop project mgt plan 
    • 3. executing - indirect and manage project work
    • 4. monitoring & controling - monitor and control project work,
    • 5. monitoring & controling - perform integrate change control
    • 6. closing - close project or phase
  8. 6 integration management process - output
    • 1.Initating - input is, develop project charter - output is, project charter
    • 2. planning - develop prokect mgt plan - project mgt plan
    • 3. executing - deliverables, work performance data adn change requests
    • 4. monitor and control project work - change requests and work perforamnce reports
    • 5.perform integrate change control- approved change requests and change log
    • 6. closing - final product, service, or result transistion
  9. Benefit Cost Ratio (BCR)
    ratio of benefit to cost

    ex: project cost 1,000,000, sell completed building for 1,500,000 then BCR is 1,500,000 / 1,000,000 = 1.5 to 1, you get $1.50 of benefit for every $1.00 of cost, ratio of greater than 1 indicates that the benefits arae greater than the cost
  10. Calculate EVA:
    after-tax profits of the project - (capital expenditures * cost of capital)

    Ex: XYZ invested 175,000 in a project, prokect returned a net profit of 10,000 in first year of operation, real cost of that capital is 6% = 10,000 - (175000*6%) = -500
  11. Internal rate of return (IRR)
    project return as an interest rate (interest rate on saving acc, bigger is better)
  12. Opportunity cost
    the samller the opportunity cost, is better, cause it is not desirable to miss oout on a great opportunity
  13. Payback Period
    recoup investment as quickly as possible in order to gree that money up for another investment, short payback period is better than longer one
  14. Present Value
    time value of money - economic theory that a dollar today is worth more than a dollar tomorrow, bigger is better
  15. Net Present Valus (NPV)
    is the same as present value expre that you also factor in your cost,

    EX: you have construced a building with a PV of 500 but it cost you 350, 500-350 is 150 your NPV..Bigger is better, NPV cal is factorerd in cost of the proeject
  16. Return on Ivestment (ROI)
    (Benefit - Cost) / cost

    Ex: project cost 200, benefit of doing the project save the company 230...(230-200)/200 = 15%
  17. Return on Invested Capital (ROIC)
    "for every dollar of cash i inves in a project, how much should I expect (or did I earn) in return

    ROIC = Net Income (after tax) from project / total capital invested in the project
  18. Example of ROIC
    • company XYZ invested 250,000 in a project that generated 60,000 top line revneue in its first year with 20,000 in operational cost adn tax liability of 8, cal ROIC first calculate the after tax profits by subtracting the cost from the revenue
    • 60,000-20,000-8750 = 31,250
    • ROIC: 31,250 / 250,000 = 12.5%

    XYZ returning 12.5% annually on the cash it invested to perform the project
  19. Porject Charter
    • 1. created during the develop project charter process
    • 2. creataed based on some need and explains that need
    • 3. signed by performing organization senior mgt
    • 4. name project manager and gives him the authority to spend money and allcoate resources
    • 5. high level project requirments
    • 6. high level mileston view of the project schdule
    • 7. high level docs thata does not invlude project details
    • 8. includes summary level preliminary project budget
  20. Develop Project Mgt Plan
    important docs that guides the project execution and control, it is much more than a schedule chart..its performed after the component plans have been created, its compendium of the other major planning output
  21. Project Statement of Work (SOW)
    description of the project product, service or result...supplied by the customer or if the customer is your own ogranization the project sponsor should supply
  22. Project mgt Info System (PMIS)
    automated system or software to support the project manager by optimizing the schedule and helping collect and dsitribute info, (helps you produce and keep track of docs and deliverables), it will help organization produce project charter)
  23. Work Performance Data
    raw data with no addtional analysis applied (shows up as an output from proecess where work executed)
  24. Work perforamnce Info
    data has been analyzed and processed (summary figure, a percentage or useful stats)
  25. Work Performance Reports
    complied into the format of presentation or report (formal recommendation, decision or conclusion about the project)
  26. Change Request
    change requests are frequents as work is executed or monitor/control...all requested changes are brought into process of Perform integrated change control
  27. Updates
    as process output occur, (update to plan come out of planning, executing, monitor/control process)
  28. Business Case
    • Market demand - market need that they can satisfy through a project
    • Busienss need - senior mgt is in need of new reporting tool to allow them to analyze trend, it might be rational to initiate a project accomplish this
    • Customer request - customer paying
    • Technical Advance - new tch discoveries make new products and service
    • Legal requriement -
    • Ecological impact -
    • Social need -
  29. Perform Integrated Change Control
    • - part of monitoring and controlling
    • - perfomed, like the processes direct and manage project work and Monitor and control project work,
    • - Input, Project mgt plan, work performance reports, change request, enterprise enviormental factor, Organizational process assets
    • - Tools, Expert Judgement - meeting and change control tool
    • - Output - approved change request - direct and manage project work, Change log, Project mgt plan updates, Project Docs updates
  30. Closing Project or Phase
    • - closing project properly,
    • - performed,  has 6 phases
    • - Inputs, project mgt plan, accepted deliverables, organizational process assets,
    • - Tools, Expert judgement, analytics tech, meetings
    • - outputs, final product, service or result transistion and organizational process assets update
  31. Plan Scope Mgt
    • - project mgr should always be in control of the scope through, rigid mgt of req, details, process
    • -scope changes handled in structure, procedural and control
    • -manageing stakehold expecation
    • - performed - the output of plan scope mgt is the Scope mgt plan but the scope mgt plan is part of the project mgt plan which is input plan scope mgt
    • - input - project mgt plan although unfinished at this poing is brought into help determine how the scope will be gather, defined, broken down, validated and managed...project charter, enterprise envir, org process assets
    • - tool - expert judgement and meetings
    • -output, scope mgt plan, requriement mgt plan
  32. Scope Mgt Process (input)
    • - Plan scope mgt - planning overall scope
    • - Collect req - gathering req for product/project
    • -Define Scope - define and docs the deliverable
    • -creat work breakdown structure (WBS) and baseline
    • -Validate scope - checking the work bein done against the scope to ensure that work is completed and correct
    • - Control scope - ensuring all with is "in scope" and only what it "in scope" is completed and changes properly managed
  33. Scope Mgt process - output
    • - Plan scope mgt - scope mgt plan and requriment mgt plan
    • -Collect requ - requ docs and requ traceability matrix
    • -Define Scope - Project scope statement
    • - Create WBS - scope baseline
    • - Validate scope - accepted deliverables
    • - Control scope - scope - change request
  34. Collect Requirments
    • -needed to satisfy stakeholder and creating docs
    • -performed, early in the project because of the impact requ
    • -inputs, scope mgt plan, req mgt plan, stakeholder mgt plan, project chater,
    • -tools, interviews, foucs groups,
  35. Requirment docs
    • - root business prob being solved
    • - source of the req
    • - way each req addres
    • - how business process intereact with req
    • -associated measurement for each req
    • - business, legal and ethical compliance
    • - constraints and assusmptions
    • -anticipated impact of req on others
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