PAC 750 systems

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  1. Outer dihedral angle
  2. do the pedal always control the nosewheel steering
    No, only when on the ground, when the nose wheel extends fully the pedals only operate the rudder
  3. Announciator Panel colours and meanings
    • Green - Safe and normal condition
    • Blue - Operation of equipment not normally used for normal ops
    • Amber - Cautionary condition which may or may not require immediate action
    • Red - Hazardous condition requiring immediate action
  4. What powers AH & DI?
    Electrically driven
  5. What type of flaps are they?
    Single slotted
  6. Does the engine driven fuel pump draw or push the fuel to the oil to fuel heater. where does it go then?
    It draws it through it.

    Heated fuel then flows through the engine driven fuel pump

    It is then delivered at high pressure to the FCU
  7. Where is the oil-fuel heater situated
    Mounted in top of the accessory gearbox on the rear of the engine
  8. Where is the engine driver fuel pump located
    at 2 o'clock position on the rear face of the accessories gearbox
  9. How many sections does the oil system have and what are they called?
    3 parts,



  10. What type of oil pump does it have and where is it located. Which route does the oil take
    Self contained gear type pump on the bottom of the tank.

    Oil goes from tank, through the pump, and into the oil filter. At the filter outlet it separates into several paths.
  11. What does the power lever control
    Compressor speed and propeller pitch when in reverse
  12. where is the ITT temp probe
    Between the compressor turbine and the power turbine stator
  13. How many pilot programmable fuel alarms are there, and what reference do they give
    4 Alarms

    Red LOW FUEL warning led will blink and can be extinguished by pushing any button or switch
  14. How to change the fuel totalizer
    Push and hold both PRG buttons and display will blink "add"

    Push either one of the PRG buttons and and the current total will be displayed,

    Push either PRG button again to highlight the one you want to change.

    Use the step switch left or right to increase or decrease the values.

    Push both PRG buttons again to exit
  15. At what pressure does the OIL PRESS LOW warning light come on.
  16. At what Ng does the starter come offline in the start sequence
    50% - controlled by a speed sensor built into the starter/gen
  17. What pressure differential across the fuel filter will bring the FUEL FILTER BYPASS light on.
    2.5psi  +/-  0.2psi
  18. At what fuel level does the LOW FUEL LEVEL warning light comer on
    24L remaining
  19. Battery type
    Sealed Gel-Acid 


    28 amp/hour
  20. Starter generator voltage and amps rated
    30V DC


    GNU overvolts at 32V
  21. Max permissible oil consumption
    0.2L per hour

    or more easily 2L every 10 hours
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