Chapter 4 Vocabulary Part II

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  1. ¡Pobrecito/a! Tómate unas aspirinas y descansa un poco.
    Poor thing! Take some aspirin and rest a bit.
  2. Estoy mal. Tengo tos y me duele la garganta.
    I am sick. I have a cough and my throat hurts.
  3. Fue todo un … (fracaso/éxito)
    It was a total… (success/failure)
  4. Me dio… (emotion)
    It made me
  5. Me fue muy bien / mal
    I did very well/badly.
  6. Me puse (adjective)
    I got (mad, sad…)
  7. Me puse a… (infinitive)
    I started to
  8. Me reí mucho.
    I laughed a lot.
  9. Quédate en la cama y tómate este jarabe.
    Stay in bed and take this cough syrup.
  10. Tengo un dolor de cabeza que no se me quita.
    I have a headache and it won’t go away.
  11. animar
    to cheer
  12. caerse
    to fall
  13. cortarse
    to cut oneself
  14. empatar
    to tie
  15. enfermarse
    to get sick
  16. estar mal
    to be sick
  17. estar resfriado(a)
    to have a cold
  18. estornudar
    to sneeze
  19. ganar
    to win
  20. gritar
    to yell, scream, holler
  21. lastimarse
    to hurt/injure oneself
  22. llorar
    to cry
  23. montar a
    to ride on
  24. perder
    to lose
  25. quemarse
    to get burned
  26. reaccionar
    to react
  27. reírse
    to laugh
  28. resfriarse
    to get a cold
  29. romperse (body part)
    to break (a bone)
  30. torcerse
    to twist, sprain
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