Religion: Confucianism

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  1. Define K'ung Fu-Tzu.
    Known as Confucius. China's first teacher and influential leader. Eager to learn to be human and expert at teaching others his views.
  2. Define analects.
    A collection of Confucius' many teachings; sayings are the most important source we have for his actual teachings.
  3. Define Chun-tzu.
    The human ideal. A person with perfect moral character, a "mature person" or "gentleman".
  4. Define shu.
    Essentially identical to the reciprocity taught by the Golden Rule; "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." Repay hatred with uprightness and virtue with virtue.
  5. Define Li.
    Proper behaviour.
  6. Define wen.
    The Confucian cultural arts, ie. poetry, music, archery, calligraphy
  7. Define jen.
    Confucianism's supreme virtue. Perfect form of benevolence. 2 primary components; doing one's best, and reciprocity.
  8. What did Confucius believe about the power of tradition?
    Believed that tradition and the past ancient times perfectly embodied the ethical principles on which a healthy society must be based. Also believed it to be a means of improving Chinese society.
  9. What is the doctrine of the Five Constant Relationships? List them.
    Grand harmony among human relationships. The health of one depends on the other. All relationships are intimately related. Summarized in the of Book of Mencius as consisting of "love between father and son, duty between ruler and subject, distinction between husband and wife, precedence of the old over the young, and faith between friends".
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