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  1. Adventitious
    Coming from an external force;occurring spontaneously
  2. Afebrile
    without fever: also apyretic
  3. biopsy
    removal and examination of tissue
  4. comborbid
    two or more possible unrelated medical conditions existing at the same time
  5. constitutional
    Relating to the body as a whole
  6. erythema
    redness of the skin brought about by capillary dialation
  7. febril
    having a fever
  8. malaise
    A general feeling of discomfort or uneasiness; often the first symptom of an illness or infection
  9. Morbidity
    consequences of a given illness
  10. Mortality
    death from a particular disease or illness
  11. Palliative or Supportive
    Reducing the severity of an illness or treatment of disease without curing it
  12. Prodomal
    pre-illness symptoms
  13. Purulent
    Pus filled
  14. Sequela, Sequelae
    A condition occurring as a consequence of a given illness or disease
  15. Suppurative
    Pus forming
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