Infectious Diseases of the Reproductive Tract

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  1. How do you get candidiasis?

    • *Skin has lace like borders
    • *Itchy
    • poor eating
    • PREGO
    • antibiotics/steroids
    • Hormonal changes
    • NO ODOR

    • burning/redness/swelling of vagina
    • painful urination and intercourse
    • thick white vaginal discharge
  2. Treatment of candidiasis
    antifungal like duflican/monistat/femstat
  3. Nursing considerations for candidiasis
    • don't douche
    • avoid perfume products
    • change tampons lots
    • no tight stuff
    • wear cotton underwear
    • don't sit in a wet swimsuit
    • avoid hot tubs
  4. Not STD's
    • Candidiasis
    • Toxic Shock Syndrome
  5. How do you get Trichamoniasis?

    sex with an infected partner

    • *frothy discharge
    • *heavy yellow-green or gray vaginal discharge
    • odor
    • painful urination
    • *itchy
  6. How do you treat Trichononiasis?
    Key teaching
    • must treat man and woman with Metronidazole....or they will re-infect each other
    • **don't drink alcohol with this or you will have severe n/v
  7. Complications of Trichonomiasis
    pre term labor and low birth weight baby
  8. How do you get Bacterial Vaginosis?

    offset of good and bad bacteria in the vagina....caused by douching, IUD, no condom, new or many sex partners

    • *fish odor
    • *white discharge
    • burning urination
    • itching outside of the vagina
  9. Treatment for Bacterial Vaginosis
    • Clindamycin intravaginally
    • or Flagyl PO
  10. Complications of Bacterial Vaginosis test all pregos
  11. Nursing considerations for Bacterial Vaginosis
    • wash with mild soap
    • wipe front to back
    • cotton underwear...keep cool
    • don't douche
    • finish meds
    • DONT HAVE SEX...or just with 1 partner
    • Use condoms
  12. How do you get chlamydia?

    through sexual contact with an infected person...bacterial infection

    • silent disease...but if have symptoms will be 1-3 weeks after exposure
    • ** clear vaginal discharge and burning sensation when urinating (DYSURIA)
    • ** lower abdominal discomfort
  13. Treatment for Chalmydia
    • single dose of azithromycin
    • week of doxycycline

    • treat all partners or will get reinfected
    • NO sex till done with antibiotics....and can take if prego
  14. Complications of Chlamydia
    • multiple reinfections can cause infertility
    • PID.....which can cause infertility and ectopic pregnancies
  15. PID causes
    infertility and ectopic pregnancies
  16. Who should be tested for chlamydia?
    all sexually active females 25 and under 1x year

    • over 25 if...
    • have had multiple sex partners
    • have had sex with someone who has had multiple sex partners
    • don't use condoms of your partner is not monogamous
  17. Complications of chlamydia in men
    infection can spread to epididymis which carries sperm....which can cause infertility
  18. Complications of chalmydia in a prego
    • PTL and delivery
    • infection in babies eyes...shows up in first 10 days of life
    • pneumonia in baby...shows as a cough that gets worse within 3-6 weeks of birth

    antibiotics can treat both
  19. How do you get Gonorrhea?

    spread through semen or vaginal fluids during unprotected sex

    • painful urination
    • yellow/bloody vaginal discharge
    • bleeding between periods...heavy bleeding
    • painful sex
  20. Complications of Gonorrhea
    vaginally delivered babies can become blind, have a joint infection or acquire a life threatening blood infection

    PID in the mom
  21. Treatment for Gonorrhea
    must treat both man and woman
  22. How do you get syphilis?

    sexual contact with a person who has an open sore or skin rash....bacteria enters the body through the private parts or broken skin

    *single painless sore/chancre that can show up 10 to 90 days after being infected
  23. Most common time frame a person sees syphilis sores
    21 days after infection
  24. Primary vs. Secondary syphilis infection
    primary at 21 days with a sore that heals with or without treatment

    secondary is a skin rash with rough, red spots on palms of hands and feet that isn't itchy
  25. Treatment for syphilis
  26. Complications of syphilis
    • blindness
    • insanity
    • paralysis
    • tumors on organs
    • death
  27. Syphillis on the prego
    • miscarriage
    • stillbirth
    • death

    babies-skin sores, rash, fever, jaundice, anemia
  28. Problem with syphilis and treatment
    penicillin is the best med to alternative that is effective
  29. Tertiary/Latent and Late syphilis infection S/S
    Tertiary/Latent- 2-30 yrs after initial infections s/s show up

    Late-brain damage, nerves, eyes, heart, blood vessels, liver, bones and joints
  30. How do you get herpes genitalis

    • HSV 2 is most common....and is a virus in the genitals
    • HSV 1 is a fever blister

    • itching burning in genitals
    • flu symptoms
    • swollen glands
    • vaginal discharge
    • blisters
  31. Rules with blisters and herpes
    they will break, leaving ulcers or tender sores that may take up to 4 weeks to heal....another outbreak can appear weeks or months later
  32. How do you dx herpes?
    • viral culture
    • or
    • blood test to detect HSV-1 or HSV-2¬† antibodies
  33. Management of herpes genetalia
    • cant cure...virus stays in the nerve cells forever
    • treat symptoms with acyclovir

    # of outbreaks decreases over time/years
  34. Nursing considerations for pt with herpes
    • can be passed even when not having symptoms
    • keep area clean/dry
    • don't touch sores
    • wash hands
    • avoid sex until sores have healed
  35. Herpes and breast feeding
    it can be spread through contact with sores on the nipple or areola...if there is a sore stop nursing
  36. Complications of Herpes
    if prego during first outbreak...most likely to pass virus on to baby

    • premature birth or death
    • brain damage
    • severe rashes
    • eye problems
    • c section if lesions near birth canal
  37. How do you get HPV
    sexually transmitted

    *seen as pink flesh colored raised growths that look like a cauliflower...pap smear
  38. Treatment for HPV
  39. Complication of HPV
    cervical cancer
  40. Acuminata-Venereal warts

    virus  spread with sex

    external or internal...with no s/s
  41. Complications of acuminate-venereal warts
    penile/anal cancer

    laryngeal pappillomatosis

    can block the birth canal if get big enough and require a c section
  42. Nursing considerations for warts
    • get regular pap tests
    • treat immune system
    • don't smoke
    • use condoms
  43. Vaccine for warts and HPV
  44. Dx of AIDS
    • serum analysis
    • western blot test
    • CD4 counts
  45. Treatment of AIDS
    • Antepartum and Newborn get Acyclovir PO
    • Intrapartum Acyclovir IV
  46. How do you get PID

    untreated bacterial infection of a woman's pelvic organs

    • no symptoms....or
    • fever
    • vaginal discharge
    • painful sex and urination
    • pain in pelvis and upper right quadrant
    • cervical tenderness
  47. Two bacterias that cause PID
    • gonorrhea...bring on symptoms fast
    • chlamydia
  48. Dx of PID
    • pelvic exam
    • cervical cultures
    • pelvic US
  49. PID management
    antibiotics for all partners
  50. Complications of PID
    • infertility
    • ectopic pregnancy
  51. Persons more likely to get PID if....
    • have had a STD
    • under 25 and having sex
    • more than 1 sex partner
    • douche
    • IUD
  52. How do you get Toxic Shock Syndrome
    staph aureus....tampons or contraceptive barriers serve as a reservoir for bacteria
  53. S/S of Toxic Shock Syndrome
    • fever
    • flu like symptoms
    • hypotension
    • sun burn like rash
    • skin peeling from palms and soles of feet
  54. Dx of Toxic Shock Syndrome
    vaginal and site site specific cultures
  55. Management of toxic shock syndrome
    • fluid replacement
    • vasopressor drugs
    • antibiotics
    • steroids
  56. Complications of toxic shock syndrome
    hypovolemic shock....death
  57. Nursing considerations for toxic shock syndrome
    Tampons-wash hands, change q4h, no super absorbant tampons, pads not tampons

    Diaphragms-wash hands, don't use during menses, remove within 8-10 hrs
  58. Who shouldn't use tampons?
    person with hx of toxic shock syndrome
  59. What kind of an infection is Trichomoniasis
    Protozoan Parasite
  60. How do you dx Bacterial vaginosis
    wet mount culture
  61. How do you dx Syphillis?
    VDRL or RPR....and all pregos are checked for this
  62. Describe Herpes
    vesicular blisters....and the first outbreak is the worst
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