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  1. Didacticism
    • Teaching of a moral lesson
    • serves to teach audience about aspects of society/politics/economy
    • stems from Marxist beliefs
    • MC - contradictions of characters/how choices affect us and their value
    • Mother driven by making money and not raising her child
  2. V-Effekt
    • estranges the audience forcing them to question the social realities of play
    • breaking illusion created by conventional
    • BB adults playing children 39 rocks
    • seeing things in a different way/ feel detached
    • MC - sings lullaby to daughter, later paying for funeral without emotion.
    • Ambivalence/irony of characters is alienating.
    • Questioning role
  3. Lighting
    • Epic lighting needs to abandon idea of hiding light for mysterious effect - draws audience in
    • Buchner unpretencious dramas
    • MC - harsh white regardless of scene's emotional tonality
    • special light creates mood
    • no illusion was created
  4. Multimedia - Music
    • not to heighten emotion but as a means to commentate/narrate
    • BB - song about recession in cheerful tune
    • Brought up political issue of social class. Reflect on happenings
    • MC - serious/forewarning of hardships but music happy/light
    • lighter side of a serious situation - dichotomy/amboguity
    • ultimately alienates audience/Question social realities
    • music + action should serve to make each other seem strange
  5. Narration (breaking 4th wall)
    • Influenced by Chinese Theatre
    • Seperates audience from action on stage
    • 39 - Narration by Hanney. Made message clear
    • involves characters directly addressing/acknowledging audience
    • CCC - ballad singer breaks 4th wall
    • audience aware they are watching a work of fiction
  6. Multirole and Costume
    • 39 steps - 4 actors played over 75 
    • Addition of characters sued to affect Hanney's journey
    • Exchanges of 2 characters played by one man
    • MC - actors changing costumes and characters on stage
    • Emotional distance maintained
  7. Spass (humour)
    • Mixes comedy with tragedy, often done satirically
    • 39 - breaking out of character (late SFX)
    • Humour detatches audience allowing them to focus wholly on message
    • Rise and Fall - terrible singer at tragic moment
    • Adds power to social message
  8. Montage
    • Russian film director Sergei Einstein
    • series of episodes when viewed together reflect a social message
    • BB - series of scenes when children grow up
    • Fear and Misery - series of interconnected episodes on 1930s Germany
  9. Gestus
    • theatrical technique that defines emotion within a character and the context they're in
    • Combination of gesture/social meaning into one action
    • alienating/jar audience. force to see the bigger picture
    • Actor demonstrates social attitude - social positions become obvious
    • MC - silent scream. Inner emotional turmoil
  10. Not/But
    • important choices characters make made explicit
    • evident choosing one action over the other
    • shape/clarify a character's behaviour
  11. Staging
    • End on - aware you are watching a production
    • Influenced by Frank Wedeking (expressionist playwright)
    • 39 - fake proscenium arch (play within a play)
    • similar effect in CCC 
    • Play within a play to show parable
  12. Design
    • Casper Neher - new way of staging plays
    • sets were not meant to transport audience but simply suggest/represents a place i.e. furniture but no windows or doors
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