Respiratory Disorders

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  1. anoxia
    absence of oxygen supply to an organ or tissue, you will turn blue
  2. asthma
    airways swell and narrow, leads to wheezing, shortness of breath, coughing
  3. bronchitis
    mucous membrane in lungs, bronchial passage becomes inflamed
  4. carbon monoxide poisoning
    carbon monoxide displaces oxygen in hemoglobin, lips will turn red
  5. coryza
    • a cold
    • inflammation of mucous membrane in nose
  6. cystic fibrosis
    • build-up of thick, sticky mucous membrane in lungs, digestive tract, and other areas
    • life-threatening
    • most common lung disease in children and young adults
  7. hypercapnia
    • increased carbon dioxide levels in blood, most likely because of respiration issues
    • will turn blue
  8. hyperventilation
    less than half a liter per breath
  9. hypoxia
    • low oxygen reaching tissue
    • experience dizziness, fatigue
    • will turn blue
  10. influenza
    • flu
    • infection of nose, throat, and lungs; spreads easily
  11. laryngitis
    • swelling/irritation of voice box (larynx)
    • results in hoarseness or voice loss
  12. lung cancer
    abnormal cell growth in lungs
  13. pleuracy
    • inflammation of pleura membrane (surrounds lungs)
    • problems breathing in
  14. pneumonia
    • lung inflammation caused by bacteria infection
    • air sacs fill with pus and may solidify
  15. pneumothorax
    • collapsed lung
    • abnormal collection of air/gas in pleural space that separates lung from chest wall
  16. pulmonary embolism
    • blockage of artery in lungs by fat, air, clot, or tumor
    • may cough up blood
  17. rhinoplasty
  18. sinusitus
    sinus infection
  19. tracheostomy
    surgical incision in front of neck to access trachea
  20. tuberculosis
    • infection of lung tissue that causes scar tissue to be formed which can't be fixed
    • airborne
  21. emphysema
    • difficulty breathing due to loss of lung elasticity
    • cause is usually environmental
    • doesn't get better
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