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  1. The medical term meaning transmission of ECG signals via radio waves is?

    A Telepathy
    B Telemetry
    C Telediagnosis
    D Telocentric
    E Telecardio
  2. On an ECG tracing, an indication of the absence of electrical charge or activity represents?

    A Sinoatrial node
    B QRS complex
    C Baseline
    D Repolarization
    E None of the above
  3. A beat arising from a focus outside the heart is known as?

    A Ectopic beat
    B Escape beat
    C Uncontrolled beat
    D Fusion beat
    E Bigeminy
  4. Which of the following is the epicardium?

    A Heart muscle
    B Heart wall
    C Inner lining of the myocardium
    D Right atrium
    E Outermost layer of the heart
  5. The sudden rush of blood pushed into the ventricles as a result of atrial contraction is known as?

    A Apex kick
    B Atrial kick
    C Acardia
    D Repolarization
    E Ventricular contraction
  6. The U wave represents?

    A Repolarization
    B Depolarization
    C Baseline
    D Ectopic beat
    E Contraction
  7. Which of the following is not necessary in administering and ECG?

    A Sterilizing the leads
    B Activating the standardization control
    C Washing the patients skin
    D Selecting the speed
    E Both B and D
  8. Which type of lead is lead III?

    A Bipolar limb lead
    B Unipolar (augmented) limb lead
    C Precordial lead
    D Intercostal lead
    E None of the above
  9. Which of the following is represented by the Q-T interval?

    A Low potasium in the blood
    B One ventricular contraction and recovery (repolarization)
    C The depolarization of the atria
    D The repolarization of the atria
    E Unusually frequent articular contraction due to high blood sugar
  10. Leads aVR, aVL and a aVF are?

    A Standard leads
    B Limb leads
    C Intercostal leads
    D Augmented leads
    E Both B and D
  11. Successful depolariation of the atria or ventricles by an artificial pacemaker is called?

    A Cardioplasty
    B Capture
    C Atrial kick
    D Apex kick
    E None of the above
  12. All of the following are causes of artifacts except?

    A A patients talking
    B Clean sensors
    C Outside interference
    D Poor conduction
    E Improper handling of a tracing
  13. Augmented leads are also called?

    A Standard leads
    B Bipolar leads
    C Unipolar leads
    D Nonstandard leads
    E None of the above
  14. The QRS complex represents?

    A Contraction of the atria
    B Recovery of the atria
    C Contraction of the heart
    D Recovery of the ventricles
    E Contraction of the ventricles
  15. The coronary sinus empties into the?

    A Left atrium
    B Right atrium
    C Left ventricle
    D Right ventricle
    E Both B and D
  16. The medical term meaning a falling or drooping of the heart is?

    A Cardioplegia
    B Cardiomyopathy
    C Cardiomyopexy
    D Cardioptosis
    E Cardiolith
  17. Which of the following is the measurement of the atrial rate on the ECG tracing?

    A The PR intervals
    B The P waves
    C The R waves
    D The QRS complexes
    E None of the above
  18. Lead II is an?

    A Chest or precordial lead
    B Bipolar limb lead
    C Augmented or unipolar limb lead
    D Intercostal lead
    E None of the above
  19. The hearts conduction system is measured by which of the following?

    A Heart catheterization
    B Angiography
    C Exercise electrocardiography
    D Echocardiography
    E Action potential
  20. Which of the patients limbs serves as an electrical ground?

    A Right leg
    B Left leg
    C Right arm
    D Left arm
    E Either arm
  21. Depolarization of fast cells is dependent on which of the following electrolytes?

    A Calcium
    B Potassium
    C Magnesium
    D Chloride
    E Sodium
  22. Which of the following devices may deliver a small amount of electrical energy to cause myocardial depolarization?

    A Electrocardiography
    B Electronic pacemaker
    C Holter monitor
    D Treadmill
    E Oscilloscope

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