College Now: Intro to Political Science

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  1. creative breakthrough
    The significantly fruitful resolution of a problem that conventional wisdom deems insoluble.
  2. extensive republic
    Madison’s term for a federal republic governing a large territory.
  3. Faction
    Self-interested group that acts in ways inconsistent with the common good.
  4. Freedom
    Power over one’s destiny, interpreted negatively as the absence of restraints and positively as the ability to fulfill peaceful and creative potentialities.
  5. Political Creativity
    Achievement in both theory and practice of a more fruitful, ethical, empirical, and prudential understanding of politics.
  6. Political Obligation
    Concept that examines why people obey or disobey those who demand their political allegiance, such as a government or a state.
  7. Power Politics
    Political pattern characterized by the acquisition, preservation, and balancing of power.     MOST OFTEN USED TO DESCRIBE THE competitive-conflictive behavior of the United States and Soviet Union during the cold war.
  8. Responsible Citizenship
    The sensible response of citizens to social, economic, and political tasks and problems.
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