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  1. 1. taken together, countries with the most developed economies cover roughly 47% of earths land area
    2. 3/4 of the people in high income countries live in or near cities
    3. significant cultural differences exist among high income countries
     These are all true of what kind of countries
    high income countries
  2. high income countries representing 23% of the worlds population control what percentage of the worlds income
  3. what is discussed as an explanation of global poverty
    • gender inequality
    • population growth
    • technology
  4. a new form of global power relationship that involves not direct political control but economic exploitation by multinational corporations
  5. a model of economic and social development that explains global inequality in terms of technological and cultural differences between nations is
    modernization theory
  6. all three of these are what
    1. tends to minimize connection between rich and poor
    2. blames low income countries for their poverty
    3. ignores historical facts that thwart development in poor countries
    critiscism of modernization theory
  7. model of economic and social development that explains global inequality in terms of the historical exploitation of poor nations by the rich ones
    dependency theory
  8. while economic development increases living standards it also establishes a context for less strain being placed on the an example of what
    an inaccurate statement regarding global stratification
  9. gender inequality 
    population growth
    are all discussed as what
    explanation of global poverty
  10. the poorest 20% of housholds only recieve 5% of the income earned in the united states true/false
  11. recent government calculations put the wealth of the average US houshold at about
  12. 30% of adult population has college education
    85% of adult population has high school education
    15%of adults have not completed highschool
       this proves what?
    education is distributed unequally
  13. the median wealth for minority families is what percent of teh median for white households
  14. hispanic families earned what percent of the income earned by white families
  15. how many billionaires are listed in forbes
  16. what percentage of the population is poor
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