Luke Grade 3 - Biomes Study Sheet

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  1. habitat
    A place in nature where plants and animals live.
  2. Are plants and animals living things?
    Yes, plants and animals are living things.
  3. Are rocks, water, and dirt living things?
    Rocks, water, and dirt are non-living things.
  4. Do plants and animals need air, water, and food to stay alive?
    Yes, plants and animals need air, water, and food to stay alive.
  5. Describe a rainforest....
    A rainforest gets a large amount of rain.

    There are a lot of different vegetation in the rainforest.
  6. What is photosynthesis?
    Photosynthesis is the process by which plants make their own food.

    A plant uses sunlight, air, and water to make its own food.
  7. Name some rainforest animals....
    Some animals that are found in the rainforest are...








  8. What does a herbivore eat?
    A herbivore eats only plants.
  9. What does a carnivore eat?
    A carnivore eats only meat.
  10. What does an omnivore eat?
    An omnivore eats both plants and animals.
  11. Our rain forests are being destroyed by logging.  What is logging?
    Logging is the cutting down of trees to sell for wood.
  12. What are the four layers of the rain forest?
    The four layers of the rain forest are...

    1.  the emergent layer

    2.  the canopy

    3.  the understory

    4.  the forest floor
  13. What is the emergent layer made up of?
    The emergent layer is made up of the tops of the tall trees.
  14. Describe the understory layer of the rain forest....
    The understory is made up of  shorter trees, vines, and other plants.  The understory doesn't get much sunlight because of the canopy and the emergent layer.
  15. Describe the canopy layer of the rain forest.
    The canopy layer is made up of shorter trees and many animals.  There is plenty of food and sunlight in the canopy.
  16. Describe the forest floor of the rain forest...
    The forest floor is always dark and shaded.  Few plants grow on the forest floor - many animals live there.
  17. The Arctic is a habitat.... Describe the Arctic. Where is it located?
    The Arctic is located at the top of the Earth. There is a lot of snow and ice in the Arctic. Polar bears live in the Arctic.

    In the summer, plants grow in the Arctic.  The plants grow close to the ground because strong, cold winds blow.  Growing close to the ground helps to protect arctic plants from these winds.
  18. Name some animals that live in the Arctic.
    Some animals that live in the Arctic are...

    snowy owl

    polar bears

    arctic tern

    arctic fox

    arctic squirrel


  19. How do some animals of the Arctic stay warm?
    Some Arctic animals have thick fur that cover their bodies.

    Many Arctic animals have blubber under their skin.  Blubber is thick layers of fat.  Blubber helps keep the animals warm in the cold.
  20. Where do animals in the Arctic live?
    Some Arctic animals make homes in the snow.  These homes are called dens.  

    The mother polar bear makes a home for her babies in the snow.
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