Anthropology 304

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  1. Matrilineal Clans
    descent traced exclusively through the female line
  2. Matrilineage
    The relatives descended from the woman's side of the family
  3. Neolocal
    New household. Most couples prefer to begin their own separate household after marriage.
  4. Matriliny
    descent through the female line, as in ancestry, inheritance, etc
  5. patrilineage
    Male line. Relatives descended from the man's side of the family.
  6. Ambilocal
    couple can choose either side of the family
  7. Adat
    • Customary Law
    •       *Immutable laws of nature
    •       Minangkabau social organization
    •       Daily customs and practices
    •       Local adat
  8. Clan
    Large segment of a society that considers itself to be related in some way
  9. Merantau
    • The practice of outmigration
    •    Reasons to leave: Waging wars to conquer more land
  10. Matrilocal
    The local will live with the woman's family
  11. Patrilocal
    The couple will live with the man's family
  12. Nagari
    Larger than many traditional villages "village republics."

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