College Now: Intro to Political Science

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  1. Behavioralism
    Approach to social science that emphasizes empirically observable, discoverable, and explicable patterns of behavior.
  2. causality
    The concept that a condition or behavior exists or takes place because of the influence of another factor.    OR    the relationship between cause and effect.
  3. empiricism
    Approach to social science concerned with political phenomena—what has been, what is, and what will be. Methods include observation, description, and reasoning.
  4. ethics
    The study of the nature of moral standards and choices of judgment and behavior.    OR    moral principles that govern a person's or group's behavior.
  5. multicausality
    The concept that a condition or behavior exists or takes place because of the influence of two or more factors.
  6. political health
    The political, economic, and social well-being of the political community judged in terms of peace and peaceful constitutional change, security, liberty, democratic governance, justice, economic prosperity, and ecological balance.
  7. political science
    Field of study characterized by a search for critical understanding of the good political life, significant empirical understanding, and wise political and policy judgments.
  8. positivism
    Philosophy stating that human beings can know only that which is based on positive, observable, scientific facts or on data derived from sense experience.
  9. prudence
    Wise judgment about the practical tasks of politics, respectful both of sound values and the limitations and opportunities of social reality.
  10. rational choice
    A model that provides conclusions about how politics works that follow deductively from a simple assumption about political actors such as voters, electoral officials, and government administrators.
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