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  1. D1.  Marketing Research/Marketing Declination
    • Eyes and Ears of the Company/Firm
    • Collecting data
    • What is the target market?
    • Demagraphics
    • Quantifiable data
    • Research is asking questions and getting the truth, a lie, or and idk
  2. D2.  Consumer Behavior/ Consumer Purchase Motivator
    • Mind of the buyer
    • Elements that influence the purchasers decision.
    • Psychographics - a full, more enriched view of your market qualitative. 
  3. D3. Product Adjustment
    • 1. Form Utility - shape, function, design of the product, the tangeble
    • 2. Brand
    • 3. Price/Posession
    • 4. Packaging
    • 5. Product Position - the products personality, the place that the product has in a person's mind
  4. D4.  Distribution/Channels
    • Arms and Legs of the Firm
    • Management of time and place utility
    • Logistics
  5. D5. Promotion/ Communication
    • Voice of the firm
    • promotion mix
    • How the customer is talked to
  6. D6.  Retailing/Transaction
    • Facilitate the exchange
    • the transaction
    • Saying "thank you, come back again"
  7. D7.  Post Transaction Activities
    • Ensure satisfaction
    • To get the "Goodwill"
    • The key to service
    • Marketing is a strategy
  8. D8.  Strategic Marketing Planning
    • The brains of the Firm
    • The direction it will go

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