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  1. - What are some literary genres in ASL?
    • Sign songs
    • Percussion signing
    • Translated songs
    • Stories with Constraints
    • ABC stories
    • number stories
    • worded handshape stories
    • set handshape stories
    • Narratives
    • personal experience
    • cinematographic stories
    • folk tales
    • translated works
    • original fiction
  2. - What are ABC stories?
    Stories with handshapes that follow the order of letters in the finger spelled alphabet
  3. - What are number stories?
    A story following number signs in numerical order, usually 1-10.
  4. - What is percussion signing?
    Arranging signs to certain beats (one,,two/one,two,three). Percussion signing is used to create a sense of unity in the crowd. Mostly used for fight songs and cheers.
  5. - Can a sign poem “rhyme”? How?
    Yes. Repetition of handshape, same movement, facial expression, and location.
  6. - Do profoundly deaf people have a concept of sound? Yes
  7. - What percentage of deaf high school graduates read at a 4th grade level?
    • More than half read at 4th grade level ~ 60%
    • Only 10% read past an 8th grade level
  8. - What is some evidence supporting phonological processing by deaf readers?
    • Deaf readers do have phonological processing.
    • We know this because they can read nonsense words. (phonologically similar test= harder to remember words that are not phonologically related)
  9. - What is some evidence that deaf people do not use phonology to read?
    Eye-tracking evidence. If it is orthologically related, they do well. If it has to do with phonology, they do not do well.
  10. - What are some non-phonological strategies that deaf people might use to read?
    • orthographic code: words decoded by visual patterns
    • whole word reading with support from sentence constructs
    • sign based codes/ fingerspelling of a sign language
    • cued speech and reading : visually represents phonology
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