Chapter 23

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  1. What is the causative agent of Pseudomonas aruginosa infections?
    Pseudomonas aruginosa
  2. What are the signs/symptoms of Pseudomonas aruginosa infections?
    Green pus
  3. What is the virulence factors of pseudomonas aruginosa?
    • Exotoxin A
    • Exoenzyme S
  4. How is Pseudomonas aruginosa transmitted?
    • Opportunist
    • Burn Victims
  5. What is the treatment for Pseudomonas aruginosa?
    Few antimicrobial meds
  6. How is pseudomonas aruginosa prevented?
    • proper cleaning
    • avoidance
  7. What is the common name for tetanus?
  8. What are the signs/symptoms of tetanus?
    • muscle contractions
    • uncontrollable muscle spasms
    • difficulty breathing
    • death
  9. What is the causative agent of tetanus?
    Clostridium tetani
  10. What is the virulence factor of Clostridium tetani?
    A-B Exotoxin
  11. How is clostridium tetani transmitted?
    Anaerobic wound site
  12. How is tetanus prevented?
    • vaccine
    • clean wounds thoroughly
  13. What is the causative agent of Gas Gangrene?
    • Several species of Clostridium
    • C. perfringens is the most common
  14. What are the signs/symptoms of Gas Gangrene?
    • Severe pain near wound site
    • Bloody/Brownish discharge
  15. What are the virulence factors of Gas Gangrene
    • A Toxins
    • Enzymes
  16. How is Gas gangrene transmitted?
    neglected trauma wounds
  17. How is Gas gangrene treated?
    Debridement-removal of infected tissue
  18. How is Gas Gangrene prevented?
    • No Vaccine
    • Clean wounds thoroughly

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Chapter 23
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Chapter 23
Chapter 23
Chapter 23
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