Physiology Board Review

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  1. What are the ejection phase indices?

    The non-ejection phase indices?
    CO, SV, EF

    Peak pos Dp/Dt, acceleration time
  2. What shifts the starling curve downward and to the right?
    Increased afterload or decreased contractility (reduced myocardial performance)
  3. What shifts the Starling curve up and to the right?
    Decreased afterload or increased contractility (increased myocardial performance)
  4. What does a force-tension curve show?
    Relationship of afterload and stroke volume
  5. What shifts the force-tension curve up?


    Left on the line?

    Right on the line?
    Increased contractility or increased preload

    Decreased contractility or decreased preload

    Decreased afterload

    Increased afterload
  6. What does the pressure/volume graph show?
    Preload, afterload, and contractility
  7. What does the upper left corner of the pressure/volume curve represent?

    The bottom right?

    What does the top of the loop represent?
    End-systolic pressure and Afterload

    End diastolic pressure and Preload

    Stroke volume and contractility
  8. What does beta 1 do?

    Beta 2?

    Alpha 1?
    Increase heart rate and contractility (cardiac specific)

    Decrease afterload (dilate skeletal muscles)

    Increase afterload and preload (constrict arteries and veins)
  9. What is the most potent vasodilator?
  10. What determines afterload?
    Arterioles to the skeletal muscles
  11. What drug is an alpha agonist?

    beta 1 and beta 2?

  12. What drug is helpful for a patient with HCM and hypotension?
  13. What drug is the drug of choice for stimulating outflow tract gradient in HCM?
  14. What is the physiological difference between high dose and low dose epinephrine?
    low dose beta 2 > alpha in the skeletal muscles

    high dose alpha > beta 2 (BP goes way up)
  15. What does prazosin do?
    selective alpha 1 blocker
  16. What does labetalol block?
    alpha, beta 1, beta 2
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