Unit 13 Vocab

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  1. Aberrant
    • adj. Deviating from the normal pattern.
    • Sentence: She was an aberrant, abnormal person by society's standards.
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  2. Erroneous
    • adj. wrong/inaccurate
    • Sentence: The erroneous grading of the exams caused many students to fail.
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  3. Errant
    • adj. wandering or straying
    • Sentence: The errant tourist eventually found their way back to their hotel.
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  4. Degrade
    • v. to lower something/someone's worth
    • Sentence: The degrading comments about her short stature made her angry and depressed.
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  5. Congress
    • n. a coming together
    • Sentence: The congress of colors in the painting was ingenious and beautiful.Image Upload
  6. Egress
    • n. the act of leaving
    • Sentence: She had lost site of the egress areas in the building.

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  7. Convene
    • v. to come together
    • Sentence: All the knights convened at the castle.
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  8. Covenant
    • n. a mutual agreement
    • Sentence: Breaking a legal covenant was punishable by death.
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  9. Circumvent
    • v. to avoid by bypassing
    • Sentence: I tend to circumvent the people I don't like by taking different hallways.
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  10. Cursory
    • adj. hasty and superficial
    • Sentence: I took a cursory look over the test instructions, and as a result, I incorrectly answered many questions.
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  11. Precursor
    • n. something that comes before
    • Sentence: A lazy attitude is a precursor to many one-nighters and late assignments.
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  12. Recourse
    • n. option
    • Sentence: After failing the midterms, extra credit was my only recourse in raising my grade.
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  13. Incursion
    • n. an attack or invasion
    • Sentence: The incursion on enemy territory was a failure.
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