COC, Contraception, Testicular Cancer, Culture Issues

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  1. Absolute contraindications for oral contraceptives
    • **Liver issues...including benign or malignant¬† tumors
    • hx of thrombophlebitis
    • Heart disease
    • suspected or known pregnancy
    • undiagnosed vaginal bleeding
    • ** heavy cigarette smoking if over 35
  2. Relative contraindications for oral contraceptives
    • headaches that began after starting use
    • HTN...Diastolic >90
    • Heart/Renal dysfunction
    • Impaired glucose tolerance
    • Depression
    • Varicose Veins
    • Hepatitis
    • ASthma
    • Breast Feeding
  3. Warning signs of Oral Contraceptive problems
    • Abdominal pain
    • Chest pain, dyspnea, hemoptysis, SOB
    • Headache, weak or numb extremities
    • Eye disturbances
    • Severe leg pain
  4. How can using the rhythm method get messed up?
    it is unreliable if the client is sick, pp, lactating or is older
  5. When do you take your basal temp?
    in the am before you get out of bed.

    • must do for 3-4 successive months
    • temperature will drop before ovulation, then rise
  6. What does mucus look like when you are ovulating?
    clear, thin and elastic

    Want it to be tacky and sticky to have sex....not ovulating
  7. Barrier methods of birth control that use spermicide
    • cervical cap
    • diaphragm
  8. What kind of a barrier is a vaginal spermicide?
    physical barrier that is in a foam, cream, suppository or jelly that contains sperm killing chemicals

    NO RX required
  9. When do you put the vaginal spermicide in?
    can put in 15 to 8 hours before intercourse
  10. 2 Barriers that require a RX
    Cervical Cap and Diaphragm
  11. When can you put in the cervical cap?  Remove?
    6-8 hrs before sex

    leave in for at least 6 hours....but not longer than 48-TSS
  12. Two problems commonly seen with Diaphragm and Cervical cap
    bladder irritation...UTI's
  13. Teaching for the cervical cap and diaphragm
    • s/s of TSS
    • must be refitted if lose or gain 10-15 lbs
  14. Which barrier do we need to check for a latex allergy?
  15. Which birth control is good for a woman pp who is nursing and doesn't want to be on bcp?
  16. What helps to prevent STD transmission?
  17. What kind of lubricant do you use with a condom?
    water based only
  18. What do you teach teens about condoms?
    • Don't store anywhere that it can get hot
    • check expiration date
    • don't use if package is broken
    • roll condom OUT on an erect penis
    • pinch tip of condom
  19. How do you remove a condom?
    pull from the tip, keeping contents in
  20. It is recommended to take the pill....
    at the same time every day and at night
  21. Advantages of the pill
    • decreases risk of PID
    • decreases dysmenorrhea
    • prevents cyclic breast modularity
    • decreases menses
  22. Disadvantages of the pill
    • increases MI risk
    • increases stroke risk....especially if over 35 and heavy smoker
    • doesn't protect from STD's
    • other meds can decrease it's effectiveness
  23. Rules for missing birth control pills
    if miss three and get your period....start a new pack, throw out old pack

    if miss 1 pill...take right away

    if miss 2 pills....take 2 and 2 and use back up contraception
  24. Rule for Depo-Provera
    if the shot is given within 5 days of start of need for back up contraception
  25. How long does each depo provera injection last?
    3 months
  26. Disadvantages of Depo Provera
    • may spot every day for the 1st 6 months
    • depression....if hx of don't take
    • ovulation may not resume for 12-18 months after injection
  27. Who is likely to be given depo provera?
    • people with sickle cell disease
    • persons on rifampin
    • persons on anti-convulsants
  28. If on Depo Provera teach....
    may lose bone need to take calcium and exercise
  29. How often do you change the cervical ring?
    every 3 weeks
  30. 2 problems with contraceptive patch
    • lots of estrogen so increased risk for a blood clot
    • not effective in an obese person
  31. Rules about the contraceptive patch
    • replace weekly
    • place in a dry area where you don't sweat alot
  32. How does the morning after pill work?
    • inhibits ovulation
    • prevents fertilization
    • prevents fertilized egg from implanting
  33. When does the morning after pill have to be taken?
    within 72 hours of intercourse
  34. Good part about IUD/Mirena
    fertility returns immediately
  35. How often do you check placement of the IUD and how?
    every month....find string....longer or shorter it has moved
  36. How does a vasectomy work?
    vas deferens is tied off or part is sperm doesn't come out with semen
  37. Salpingectomy
    removal or tying off of a portion or all of the uterine tubes
  38. Rules about sterilization
    • may or may not require spouse permission
    • must be 21 for government reimbursement
    • *requires 30 day waiting period between consent and procedure
    • *can be waived to 72 hours
  39. Who's at risk for testicular cancer?
    white males 20-35 with undescended testes
  40. How do you check for testicular cancer?
    palpate testes monthly looking for enlargement or irregularity of the testes
  41. What infectious disease can cause testicular cancer?
  42. S/S of testicular cancer
    • small painless lump
    • testes feeling heavy
    • enlarged male breasts/breast tenderness
    • enlarged teste
    • pain
  43. How do you do a testicular self exam?
    • 1 x a month
    • during or after a shower/bath
    • warm water is good to help scrotum relax and drop down
    • support each testicle with one hand and examine it with the other
    • roll between thumb and fingers
    • testes should feel firm and a hard boiled egg without the shell
  44. What do normal testes look like?
    • left hangs a little lower than the right
    • common for 1 to be larger than the other
  45. Tumor markers for testicular cancer
    HCG and AFT
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