Theology Section 2 part 4

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  1. To be founded on the Twelve Apostles.
  2. From the Latin tradere, meaning “to hand on.” Refers to the process of passing on the Gospel message. It began with the oral communication of the Gospel by the Apostles, was written down in the Scriptures, and is interpreted by the Magisterium under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.
    Sacred Tradition
  3. One who has received the fullness of the Sacrament of Holy Orders and is a successor to the Apostles.
  4. Of or relating to a church.
  5. The Sacrament by which members of the Church are ordained for permanent ministry in the Church as bishops, priests, or deacons.
    Sacrament of Holy Orders
  6. Of or relating to bishops.
  7. The Christian person’s activity that fulfills the apostolic nature of the whole Church when he or she works to extend the Kingdom of Christ to the entire world. If your school shares the wisdom of its founder, its namesake, or the charism of the religious order that founded it, it is important to learn about this person or order and his or her charism, because as a graduate you will likely want to incorporate this charism into your own apostolate.
  8. All members of the Church with the exception of those who are ordained as bishops, priests, or deacons. The laity share in Christ’s role as priest, prophet, and king, witnessing to God’s love and power in the world.
    laypeople (laity)
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Theology Section 2 part 4
Theology Section 2 part 4
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