Bb 6ths and 7ths (All inversions)

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  1. BbM7 (1st)
    Bb D F A
  2. BbM7 (2nd)
    D F A Bb
  3. BbM7 (3rd)
    F A Bb D
  4. BbM7 (4th)
    A Bb D F
  5. Bb7 (1st)
    Bb D F Ab
  6. Bb7 (2nd)
    D F Ab Bb
  7. Bb7 (3rd)
    F Ab Bb D
  8. Bb7 (4th)
    Ab Bb D F
  9. Bbm7 (1st)
    Bb Db F Ab
  10. Bbm7 (2nd)
    Db F Ab Bb
  11. Bbm7 (3rd)
    F Ab Bb Db
  12. Bbm7 (4th)
    Ab Bb Db F
  13. Bb7b5 (1st)
    Bb D E Ab
  14. Bb7b5 (2nd)
    D E Ab Bb
  15. Bb7b5 (3rd)
    E Ab Bb D
  16. Bb7b5 (4th)
    Ab Bb D E
  17. Bbm7b5 (1st)
    Bb Db E Ab
  18. Bbm7b5 (2nd)
    Db E Ab Bb
  19. Bbm7b5 (3rd)
    E Ab Bb Db
  20. Bbm7b5 (4th)
    Ab Bb Db E
  21. Bbo7 (1st)
    Bb Db E G
  22. Bbo7 (2nd)
    Db E G Bb
  23. Bbo7 (3rd)
    E G Bb Db
  24. Bbo7 (4th)
    G Bb Db E
  25. Bb+7 (1st)
    Bb D Gb Ab
  26. Bb+7 (2nd)
    D Gb Ab Bb
  27. Bb+7 (3rd)
    Gb Ab Bb D
  28. Bb+7 (4th)
    Ab Bb D Gb
  29. Bbsus7 (1st)
    Bb Eb F Ab
  30. Bbsus7 (2nd)
    Eb F Ab Bb
  31. Bbsus7 (3rd)
    F Ab Bb Eb
  32. Bbsus7 (4th)
    Ab Bb Eb F
  33. Bb6 (1st)
    Bb D F G
  34. Bb6 (2nd)
    D F G Bb
  35. Bb6 (3rd)
    F G Bb D
  36. Bb6 (4th)
    G Bb D F
  37. Bbm6 (1st)
    Bb Db F G
  38. Bbm6 (2nd)
    Db F G Bb
  39. Bbm6 (3rd)
    F G Bb Db
  40. Bbm6 (4th)
    G Bb Db F
  41. BbmM7 (1st)
    Bb Db F A
  42. BbmM7 (2nd)
    Db F A Bb
  43. BbmM7 (3rd)
    F A Bb Db
  44. BbmM7 (4th)
    A Bb Db F
  45. BbM7b5 (1st)
    Bb D E A
  46. BbM7b5 (2nd)
    D E A Bb
  47. BbM7b5 (3rd)
    E A Bb D
  48. BbM7b5 (4th)
    A Bb D E
  49. BbM7+ (1st)
    Bb D Gb A
  50. BbM7+ (2nd)
    D Gb A Bb
  51. BbM7+ (3rd)
    Gb A Bb D
  52. BbM7+ (4th)
    A Bb D Gb

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Bb 6ths and 7ths (All inversions)
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Bb 6ths 7ths

Bb 6ths and 7ths
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