Theology Unit 5

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  1. What is evangelization? How does the Church accomplish this? Who’s responsibility is it to evangelize?
    Evangelization is the proclamation of the Good News of Jesus Christ through word and witness. The Church accomplishes this by the hierarchy and the laity. Everyone is responsible to evangelize.
  2. Indicate the role of the hierarchy in relationship to the laity? What similarities and differences exist between the both?
    The hierarchy and the laity are two distinct groups interconnected. The role of the hierarchy in relationship to the laity is that the hierarchy watches over the laity??? The similarity is that they are both called to live holy lives with God. The difference is that the people in the hierarchy are ordained and the people in the laity are not.
  3. Indicate some of the titles for the Pope? What characteristics of the papacy do they represent?
    Some titles for the Pope include Successor to Peter, Vicar of Christ, Pastor of the Universal Church, and Head of the College of Bishops. They represent his authority to govern the Church, his leadership to all bishops, his acting for Christ as a human representative, and minister to Catholics throughout the world.
  4. Offer a brief description of consecrated life. What different types of orders exist? Offer a brief description of their lifestyle.
    Consecrated life is when people live evangelical counsels. They live communal lives, profess evangelical counsels, share liturgical character, belong to recognized institutions, and reflect Christ's unity with the Church. The different types of orders include apostolic and contemplative.
  5. Indicate the role of the bishop. What is his primary role and primary responsibilities? What is his relationship with other bishops? Be specific.
    The bishop teaches, sacrifices, and governs the Church. They are pastoral leaders in their dioceses. Bishop oversees sacramental worship in his diocese. They share equally in the authority to make decision affecting the Church.
  6. Indicate the role of the priest. What are his primary responsibilities?
    The priest oversees specific parishes and ministries in a diocese. He represents Christ in a community. Responsibilities include being a sacramental minister. Celebrates Eucharist.
  7. What is the role of the deacon? How is his responsibilities different than a priests?
    The deacon does liturgy, Baptism, marriage and assists at the Eucharist. The deacon cannot consecrate the Body and Blood.
  8. Offer some similarities and contrasts between Religious Orders and Consecrated Virgins.
    Similarities include devoting their life to Christ, and they are both consecrated. Consecrated virgins live in a secular world and do not have any specific duties. Religious Orders have specific duties and live in community.
  9. How may the laity share in Christ’s priestly, kingly, and prophetic office? Offer specific examples.
    They share in the priestly office  through daily sacrifice and spiritual sacrifice. They share in the kingly office by leading through serving. They share in the prophetic office by sharing the Gospel.
  10. What are the three evangelical counsels? Offer a brief description of each.
    Offer a brief description of each. The three evangelical counsels are obedience, chastity, and poverty. Obedience- called to obey Christ and obey the Church’s magisterium. Chastity- the healthy integration of our sexuality into our whole person. Poverty- calls us to focus on spiritual riches.
  11. Who is expected to live the three evangelical counsels?
  12. Offer an understanding of a hermit and his/her lifestyle.
    A hermit lives in seclusion and withdraws from the world for prayer, solitude, penance.
  13. Indicate how the first religious communities began.
    They formed communities.
  14. ______ is the primary way the Church accomplishes its mission.
  15. Everyone in the Church has a responsibility to share the ______ of Jesus Christ.
    Good News
  16. _____ evangelize through the witness of their special love of God as expressed by their dedicated lifestyle.
    Contemplative Order
  17. _____ involves a respectful encounter between the Christian faith and a particular culture.
  18. _____, the bishop of Rome, is leader of the whole Church, the successor to Peter
    The Pope
  19. Ordained ministers through the grace of _____, use Christ's authority to govern, teach, and sanctify the Church
    Holy Orders
  20. Ordained ministers of the Church make Christ present to us through the ______.
  21. The Church comprises two distinct but interconnected groups: the ______ and the laity.
  22. ____ are the leaders in their own dioceses.
  23. A ______ is someone who serves as a substitute or agent for someone else.
  24. Sancta sedes' means _____.
    holy seat
  25. Derived from the Greek word for "desert"
  26. What do we call Chastity, poverty, and obedience?
    Evangelical Counsels
  27. Healthy integration of our sexuality into our whole person
  28. A person who lives a solitary life in order to commit to prayer
  29. The moral virtue of submitting oneself to the will or law of authority
  30. State of life recognized by the Church in which a person professes vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience
    consecrated life
  31. Relating to worldly concerns
  32. The _____________ has received the fullness of Holy Orders and is a successor to the Apostles.
  33. The vow of ________________________, indicates a complete dependence on God for everything.
  34. The Pope's residence is known as the ___________________________________.
    Holy See
  35. Transitional deacons will become _______.
  36. The first church. Another idea for family
    Domestic Church
  37. In leading through service, the laity shares in the _____ office of Christ.
    Kingly office
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