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  1. What does the thyroid hormones effect?
    • metabolism
    • cardiac function
    • growth
    • development
  2. What are the actions of thyroid hormone?
    • Stimulation of energy use
    • stimulation of the heart
    • promotion of growth and development
  3. What are the 2 types of thyroid hormone?
    T3 and T4
  4. How many iodines does thyroxine have?
  5. How many iodines does Thiiodothyronine have?
  6. What does a physician first check for when checking thyroid levels?
    they check the TSH levels
  7. What results from severe deficiency of thyroid hormone?
    • myxedema (adults)
    • cretinism (infantcy)
  8. What is the symptoms of hypothyroidism?
    • pale puffy expressionless face
    • cold and dry skin
    • brittle hair
    • high heart rate
    • lethargy and fatigue
    • intolerance to cold
    • impaired mentality
    • If you have 3 or more symptoms--> maybe check thyroid function
  9. what are the causes of hypothyroidism?
    • due to a malfunction of thyroid
    • chronic autoimmune thyroiditis
    • insufficient iodine in the diet
    • sugical removal of thyroid
    • insufficient secretion of TSH and TRH
  10. what are the treatments for hypothyroidism?
    • levothyroxine (T4)
    • Liothyronine (T3)
  11. what can happen to a child if the mother has hypothyroidism during pregnancy?
    neuropsychologic deficits in the child
  12. what are the 2 forms of hyperthyroidism?
    • graves' disease
    • toxic nodular goiter (plummer's disease)
  13. What is the cause of hyperthyroidism?
    thyroid-stimulating immunoglobulins (TSIs)
  14. what is the treatment for hyperthyroidism/
    • surgical removal of thyroid tissue
    • destruction of thyroid tissue
    • suppression of thyroid hormone synthesis
  15. when and how should you take levothyroxin and synthroid function?
    on a empty stomach and at the same time of day every day
  16. What causes Thyroid Storm?
    significant stress (surgery,illness etc.)
  17. what are the signs of thyrotoxic crisis?
    hyperthermia(105 degrees), severe tachycardia, restlessness, agitation, tremor, unconsciousness, coma hypotension, heart failure
  18. what is the treatment for thyrotoxic crisis?
    • potassium iodide, PTU, and beta blocker
    • sedation, cooling, glucocorticoids, IV fluid
  19. what is the drug of choice for hypothyroidism?
    levothyroxine (Synthroid)
  20. What is T4 converted to?
  21. What is the half life of sythroid?
    7 days
  22. what is levothyroxine (synthroid)?
  23. what are the adverse effects of synthroid?
    • tachycardia
    • angina
    • tremors
    • can intensify effects warfarin
  24. what are the adverse drug interactions of synthroid?
    • drugs that reduce levothryoxine absorption
    • drugs that accelerate levothyroxine metabolism
    • warfarin
    • catecholamines
  25. What does propylthiouracil (PTU) do?
    inhibits the thyroid hormone synthesis
  26. what is the half life of PTU?
    75 minutes
  27. how long do you have to take PTU to get the full benefits?
    6-12 months
  28. therapeutic uses of PTU?
    • craves disease
    • adjunct to radiation therapy
    • preparation for thyroid gland surgery
    • thyrotoxic crisis
  29. Adverse effects of PTU?
    • agranulocytosis
    • hypothyroidism
    • pregnancy and lactation
  30. What is radioactive iodine 131 used for?
    graves disease to destroy thyroid gland
  31. how long does it take for iodine 131 to get full effect?
    2-3 months
  32. who is eligible to use iodine 131 treatment?
    patients over the age of 30
  33. what is Lugol's solution (nonradioactive iodine) used for?
    used to suppress thyroid function in preparation for thyroidectomy
  34. adverse effects of nonradioactive iodine
    • brassy taste
    • burning sensation in the mouth and throat
    • soreness of the teeth and gums
    • frontal headache
    • coryza
    • salivation
    • various skin eruptions
  35. Why is PTU not an effective way to treat hyperthyroidism?
    because you have to take it multiple times a day due to the low half life
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