Day 32

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  1. adhere
    v. stick, cleave, cling     ~에 달라붙다, 고수하다

    Some tiles are not properly adhered to the wall.
  2. assertion
    n. strong statement, declaration     주장, 단언

    The lawsuit was dismissed after the plaintiff's assertions were proven to be false.
  3. barren
    adj. sterile, lifeless, infertile      불모의, 척박한, 황량한

    The barren soil of the Rocky Mountains provides few nutrients to the grasses.
  4. budding
    adj. emerging, nascent, not yet fully developed                        신예의, 싹트기 시작하는

    a budding artist/writer 신예화가/작가
  5. Central
    adj. Essential, principal, main, chief 주요한
  6. comprehensible
    adj. understandable, knowable, apprehensible     알기쉬운

    Experience taught Rachel that life could be predictable and comprehensible.
  7. concern
    n. interest, regard, care, attention      관심

    Parents should have great concern regarding their children's education
  8. configuration
    n. arrangement, conformation         배치, 배열

    The internal combustion engine is made up of a complex configuration of parts.
  9. deserved
    adj. due, earned                당연히 받아야 할

    The entire company agreed that the president's vacation was much deserved.
  10. detect
    v. find, discover, recognize, sense, spot  발견하다, 인지하다
  11. diffuse
    v. spread, distribute                     퍼뜨리다, 분산된

    The kitchen stove diffused its warmth all over the house.
  12. exaggerate
    v. enlarge, overstate, embroider, hyperbolize   과장하다
  13. fetter
    v. hamper, shackle, manacle, restrain (남의 자유를) 구속하다, 제한하다

    An ankle injury seriously fettered the soccer player's mobility.
  14. float
    v. stay on the top                 뜨다
  15. frequent
    adj. regular, common, customary, recurrent  빈번한
  16. groundless
    adj. unfounded, baseless, bottomless  근거 없는

    Although Sarah knew her fear of the dark was groundless, she still used a nightlight.
  17. hinderance
    n. deterrent, obstacle, barrier, impediment  방해, 장애(물)

    Lack of funding was a serious hinderance to the progress of the research.
  18. maneuver
    n. 1. scheme, plot, design           계획, 책략

    Hopkin's maneuver failed in its major purpose because of lack of cooperation 

    v. 2. move                      움직이다

    The researchers were testing the way the car maneuvered in wet conditions.
  19. mar
    v. spoil, mangle, ruin                 망쳐놓다, (좋은것을) 손상시키다

    The bad weather marred the pleasure of the trip.
  20. mighty
    adj. powerful, potent, strong, forceful 강력한, 힘센

    The mighty army of Napoleon was destroyed by the Russian winter.
  21. opaque
    adj. 1. impenetrable, cloudy, filmy  (유리, 액체들이) 불투명한

    opaque glass 불투명한 유리

    adj. 2. obscure, unclear, vague      불명료한

    The man's opaque answers aroused the suspicion of the detective. 
  22. originate
    v. be grown, spring, emanate, initiate  일어나다, 생기다, 비롯되다, 유래되다
  23. pace
    n. 1. step, gait              걸음(걸이

    n. 2. speed, bat, velocity          속력

    v. 3. walk, step                   걷다
  24. perceptibly
    adv. noticeably, appreciably, sensibly 알아차릴 정도로, 눈에 띄게, 지각할 수 있을 정도로
  25. promising
    adj. likely, encouraging, hopeful  유망한, 촉망되는
  26. punctuality
    n. promptness, promptitude        시간 엄수, 정확함
  27. rotate
    v. turn, spin, wheel, swivel         회전하다
  28. scatter
    v. disperse, widely spread, dissipate, spread out                            퍼뜨리다
  29. sedentary
    adj. stationary                      (일 활동이) 주로 앉아서 하는, 움직이지 않는

    Rosa's obesity is partly due to her sedentary occupation.
  30. site
    n. place, location, position      장소, 위치
  31. soak
    v. drench, saturate, steep, wet    적시다
  32. subsist
    v. survive, endure, exist              근근이 살아가다, 존속하다

    The hostages had to subsist on what little bread and water their captors gave them
  33. supremacy
    n. predominance, primacy, sovereignty  우월, 우위

    In the 1920's, Henry Ford lost the battle for supremacy in the automobile industry to General Motors.
  34. trigger
    v. adtivate, cause, generate, start, initiate, stimulate                       일으키다
  35. tumultous
    adj. chaotic, anarchic, wild, riotous, boisterous         무질서한, 떠들썩한,소란스러운

    Many of the Serbian cultural institutions fell into disrepair during the tumultous recolutionary period.
  36. veritable
    adj. genuine, authentic, believable  (강조의 뜻으로 쓰며) 진정한

    • The meal that followed was a varitable banquet.
    • 뒤이어 나온 식사는 진정한 잔칫상 이었다.
  37. waste
    v. squander, dissipate, lavish          낭비하다
  38. weaken
    v. lessen, decrease, undermine, impair  약화 시키다
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