Energy Flow Diagrams

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  1. How does energy from the sun enter the ecosystem?
    • Plants photosynthesise, converting light energy into glucoseĀ 
    • The glucose is then converted to organic matter
  2. What is a producer?
    Any organism capable of photosynthesis
  3. What happens to the primary consumers?
    • They are consumed by secondary consumers
    • Secondary consumer are consumed by tertiary consumers etc
  4. What is the simplest way of representing feeding relationships?
    Using a food chain
  5. Give an example of a food chain
    Grass > Caterpillar > Robin > House-cat
  6. What do the arrows in a food chain represent?
    The direction the energy flows
  7. What are ecological pyramids?
    Quantitive diagrams where the width of the bars represents the amount of energy in each trophic level
  8. What do pyramids of number display?
    The number of organisms in a particular area
  9. What do pyramids of number display?
    The number of organisms in a particular area
  10. Why are pyramids of number not always pyramid shaped
    Large producers can support many consumers in some cases
  11. What does a pyramid of Biomass display?
    The dry mass of organisms in a particular area in kg/m2
  12. What do pyramids of energy display?
    The energy contained in the biomass in a particular area during a particular time (kJ/m2/year)
  13. Why are pyramids of energy always pyramidal?
    Energy is always lost between trophic levels
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