Unit 4 Test Review

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  1. Given the following reaction:
    4 KO2 + 2 H2O + 4 CO2 ==> 4 KHCO3 + 3 O2

    How many moles of O2 will be produced if 3.09 moles of CO2 react completely?
    2.32 moles of O2

  2. Given the same reaction as before: 
    4 KO2 + 2 H2O + 4 CO2 ==> 4 KHCO3 + 3 O2
    Great! 2.32 moles of O2 were produced.

    Now, How many molecules of O2 does this number of moles represent?
    • It represents 1.40e24 molecules of O2
  3. Given the same reaction as before: 
    4 KO2 + 2 H2O + 4 CO2 ==> 4 KHCO3 + 3 O2
    Great job! 1.40e24 molecules is correct.
    Now, How many grams of O2 does 2.32 moles represent?
    It makes 74.2 grams of O2
  4. What do Atoms, Formula Units, and Molecules have in common?
    They are all part of the particle family and always use the this 6.022*1023 when trying to calculate the atom, formula unit, and molecule of and element
  5. From going to a mole of an element to the mass of that same element what equation do you use?
    You use 1molX= ?g of X 

    X= periodic table mass
  6. To go from atom to mass you use...
    x*10-n grams

    x=number multiplied by 10-n

    n= the number that 10 is powered by
  7. When going from 1 mole of a element to the particle of an element what equation do you use?
    • You use...
    • 1mol of X=6.022*1023
    • (BIG)            (Tiny)
  8. When using Stoichiometry what is the process?
    First you start from Old Mass Island to Old Mole Island and pay a toll of 1 so that you the Molar Mass of something. Then you go from Old Mole Island to New Mole Island by using the molar ratio of two elements. The you go from New Mole Island to New Mass Island to figure out the molar mass of the new element.
  9. Periodic table formula is...
    ?g of X= 6.022*1023 part of X
  10. How calculate on the inspire..
    example: 64*6.022EE23/18.02enter
  11. What is the Equivalent of a mole?
    It is equivalent to a handful of a grain of sand.
  12. How do you find the number moles there are in 75.0 grams of Zn?
    • ?mol of Zn= 75.0 grams of Zn1mol of Zn     
    •                            1                65.39gramsZn
    • =1.15 mol of Zn
  13. How do you find the number of moles there are in 6.32*1023 of Cu?
    • 6.32*1023 atoms of Cu1mol of Cu    
    •              1                     6.022*1023 Cu
    • = 1.05 mol of Cu
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