Summer Session II; Anatomy; Lecture 17; part II; Ankle Joint

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  1. What is the talocrual joint? Give 1 char. When is it the most stable?
    • Articulation of the tibia and fiubla with the talus
    • Synovial-hinge type
    • It is more stable in dorsiflexion than plantar flexion due to a wider talus bone anteriorly than posteriorly. Image Upload 1
  2. What are the lateral collateral ligaments of the ankle joint (talocrural)? List them and describe. (3)
    three ligaments that attach the lateral malleollus to the talus and calcaneous.

    • Anterior talofibular ligament- runs from the lateral malleolus to the neck of the talus.
    • Posterior talofibular ligament-runs from the lateral malleolus to the lateral tubercle of the posterior process of the talus.
    • Calcaneofibular ligament- runs from the lateral malleolus to the lateral surface of the calcaneuous.
    • Image Upload 2
  3. What is another name for the medial collateral ligaments of the talocural joint? Describe it. List them.
    • Deltoid;
    • It consists of four parts that attaches the medial malleolus to the talus, calcaneuous and navicular. The parts are named for their bony attachments.
    • Anterior tibiotalar ligament
    • Posterior tibiotalar ligament
    • Tibionavicular ligament
    • Tibiocalcaneal ligament
    • Image Upload 3
  4. What is the blood supply to the talocrual joint? Nerve supply?
    • Anterior and posterior tibial arteries
    • Tibial nerve and deep peroneal nerve.
  5. what is the subtalar joint? Is it synovial? What is the function of the subtalar joint?
    • Articulation of the talus and the calcaneuous. Yes;
    • Permits inversion and eversion of the foot.
    • Image Upload 4
  6. What is another name for the transverse tarsal joint? What two joints does it consist of?
    • Midtarsal joint.
    • Talocalcaneonavicular and calceocuboid joint.
    • Image Upload 5
  7. What kind of joint is the talocalneonavicular joint? What is the name of its ligament? Another name for it? What are its attachments? what is its function?
    • Synovial ball and socket joint
    • plantar calcaneonavicular ligament; spring ligament
    • Band that extends from the sustentaculum tali to the posterior surface of the navicular bone;
    • It plays an important role in maintaing the longitudnal arch of the foot. fyi. The plantar aponeurosis also helps with the longitunal arch of the foot.
    • Image Upload 6Image Upload 7
  8. What are the two ligaments of the synovial calcaneocuboid joint? Describe each of them (attachments and function).
    Long plantar ligament-plantar surface of the calcaneous to the cuboid and 2,3,4th metatarsal heads. It forms a tunnel for passing tendons and helps support the longitudinal arch of the foot.

    • Short plantar ligament (plantar calcaneocuboid ligament)- Plantar surface of the calcaneuous to the cuboid. Assists with the longitudinal arch and joint support.
    • Image Upload 8Image Upload 9
    • Image Upload 10
  9. List 4 structures that help with the longitudinal arch of the foot.
    • Plantar aponeurosis
    • Plantar calcaneonavicular ligament (spring ligament)
    • Long plantar ligament
    • Short plantar ligament (plantar calcaneocuboid ligament)
  10. list (3) things that support the transverse tarsal joint on the dorsal surface.
    Image Upload 11
    • Dorsal talonavicular ligament
    • Bifurcated ligaments- Calcaneocuboid and calcaneonavicular
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