Term 2 Directing Quiz 1

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  1. (One word.) Once the audience ceases to have ________, the story is over.
  2. Question text
    Put these 5 elements in their proper story order:
    A Development and Rising Complications
    B Inciting incident
    C Set-up
    D Resolution
    E Climax
    • C Set-up
    • B Inciting incident,
    • A Development and Rising Complications,
    • E Climax,
    • D Resolution
  3. (3 words) Drama is defined as ________ ________ ________.
    character in action
  4. (One word.) Creating audience questions is different than creating audience confusion. The situation has to be clear, but the ________ mustn't.
  5. The "super-objective" is what the character wants over the course of the entire scene.
    Select one:
    The correct answer is False.
  6. Some art forms allow for much greater freedom when it comes to time management as spectators. Film, however takes place in time. Filmmaking means organizing the experience and passing of time for an audience. In this respect, film is more closely related to ________ than to any other art from.
    The correct answer is: music.
  7. Which of the following objectives is the LEAST playable?
    Select one:
    a. Get a promise from him
    b. Get him to apologize
    c. Get a confession from her
    d. Get him to admit that he's wrong
    e. Get angry with him
    f. Get a guarantee from him
    g. Get him to tell you he loves you
    h. Get him to kiss you
    The correct answer is: Get angry with him.
  8. Which of the following is not required when selecting an objective for a scene?
    Select one:
    a. Objective must be about doing something, rather than "being" something.
    b. Objective should be achievable within the scene, and something specific.
    c. Objective should carry the character through the whole scene.
    d. Objective should be about affecting the other person in the scene.
    e. Objective should be generous (un-selfish.)
    The correct answer is: Objective should be generous (un-selfish.).
  9. If a character is in a scene with more than one other person, what options do they have when choosing their objective? (CHOOSE 2.)
    Select one or more:
    a. The actor chooses one person from the group and tries to get their objective from him/her.
    b. The actor treats the group of people as 1 entity and tries to get his/her objective from that entity.
    c. The actor must do the work and have multiple objectives, one for each and every person they are in the scene with.
    d. The actor must focus on an emotion and play that from the beginning of the scene to the end, in order to give the appearance to the audience that they are playing an objective.
    e. In a way, the actor must "result direct" themselves, focusing on how the performance will look on camera.
    The correct answer is: a, b
  10. The director's main concern is ________.
    The correct answer is: the audience's attention.
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