Term 2 Cinematography Quiz 1

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  1. What cannot be said of the nK notation:
    Select one:
    a. a 2K image can have different vertical resolutions 
    b. a 2K image has 2000 pixels wide 
    c. SDTV will have more vertical pixels than HDTV 
    d. a 4K image has 4096 pixels wide 
    e. a 2K image has 2048 pixels wide 

    The correct answer is: a 2K image has 2000 pixels wide.
  2. Note: Images of 2K or larger resolution uses the nK notation with the horizontal pixel count taking precedence instead of the vertical.
  3. The F-335 has built in ND filters to help whenever shooting in a bright day and/or having the need to diminish the overall light level. Which one the following best represent the NDs and their stop compensation:
    Select one:
    a. 1/16 ND absorbs 4 stops
    b. 1/64 ND absorbs 5 stops
    c. 1/2 ND absorbs half stop
    d. 1/4 ND absorbs 4 stops
    e. 1/2 ND absorbs 2 stops
    The correct answer is: a. 1/16 ND absorbs 4 stops.

    • Remember:
    • 1/2 ND = 1 Stop
    • 1/4 ND = 2 Stops
    • 1/8 = 3 Stops
    • 1/16 = 4
    • 1/32 = 5
    • 1/64 = 6 Stops
  4. What can be said about the Black Balance function of the camera:
    Select one:
    a. Should be done after recording bars
    b. Or done after playing back thumbnails
    c. Should be done after formatting a disk
    d. Should be done after running out of battery
    e. Should be performed at the beginning of a project
    The correct answer is: e. Should be performed at the beginning of a project.

    Note: Black Balance should be done whenever one preps the camera for a show or when there's a great change of either humidity or temperature.
  5. The F-335 has which of the following White Balance options:
    Select one:
    a. Pre-set Tungsten + A & B
    b. Pre-set Tungsten & Daylight
    c. Pre-set Tungsten, Daylight + A & B
    d. Pre-set Daylight + A & B
    e. Pre-set Tungsten
    The correct answer is: Pre-set Tungsten, Daylight + A & B.

    Note: The camera comes with 2 pre-sets -- one for Tungsten and one for daylight to speed up the work on a set or on location. Moreover, it gives the A & B options for more flexibility and/or creativity in dealing with a myriad of color temperatures. The EX-1 doesn't have the daylight pre-set option.
  6. The chroma sampling 4:2:2 means that there will be 4x times the amount of luminance compared to color.
    Select one:
    The correct answer is 'False'.

    Note: The statement is False. 4:2:2 demonstrates a ratio where luminance is sampled 2x as much as color.
  7. While the EX-1 has HD/SD - SDI output, the F-335 can only output either single cable composite or three cable component signals.
    Select one:
    The correct answer is 'True'.

    Note: The F335 cannot output HD/SD - SDI like the EX-1 counterpart
  8. What is the sensor type and size of the F335:
    Select one:
    a. CCD and 1/2"
    b. CCD and 2/3"
    c. CMOS and 1/2"
    d. CMOS and 1/3"
    e. CCD and 1/3"
    The correct answer is: CCD and 1/2".

    Note: the F335 has 3 CCDs (Red +Green+Blue) for image capture. Each one 1/2'' in size. OTOH, the EX-1 has 1 CMOS chip for image capture of the same size. Nowadays, both technologies perform just the same.
  9. The bit rate of the XDCam technology records 36 Mbps whenever the camera is set to HQ.
    Select one:
    The correct answer is 'False'.

    Note: The statement is false. In HQ the XDCam records 35 Mbps
  10. What can be said about the F-335 color space and chroma sampling
    Select one:
    a. 8-bit and 4:1:1
    b. 10-bit and 4:2:2
    c. 8-bit and 4:2:0
    d. 10-bit and 4:2:0
    e. 8-bit and 4:2:2
    The correct answer is: 8-bit and 4:2:0.
  11. Comparing the F-335 and the EX-1, one can state only one of the following options:
    Select one:
    a. The F-335 has more horizontal pixels than the EX-1
    b. Both camera have the same vertical resolution
    c. The EX-1 has 1440 x 1080 pixels
    d. Both cameras have the same horizontal resolution
    e. Both cameras have the same pixel count
    The correct answer is: Both camera have the same vertical resolution.

    Note: Both cameras record 1080 lines that make up the vertical resolution. The horizontal resolution differs between them -- EX-1 has true 1920 square pixels as opposed to the F335 with 1440 retangular pixels.
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