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  1. Fee simple estate
    highest interest in real estate. Holder has all rights to property.
  2. broker
    business of bringing people together in a real estate transaction
  3. salesperson
    licensee employed by or associated with a broker. Conducts brokerage activities on behalf of a broker.
  4. appraisal
    process of estimating property value based on established valuation methods
  5. property
    person or company hire to maintain property on behalf of the owner who protects the investment and maximizes return on the investment. The scope of work is based on the management agreement.
  6. subdivision:
    dividing a single property into smaller parcels
  7. development
    constructing improvements on land
  8. improvements
    Structures erected to enhance property value. On site new home, pool etc. Oct site water lines, storm sewers, etc.  (usually made on public land to serve the property)
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