COMM test 2 vocab

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  1. transitions
    words, phrases, or sentences that tie the speech ideas together

    For moving to different points
  2. Rhetorical question
    • Stimulate listeners to anticipate answers
    • Often used as transitions
  3. Sentence Outline
    Declares main points and supporting points as a sentence
  4. Phrase Outline
    Partial construction of sentence outline of the main points

    Used to help become familiar with speech
  5. Keyword Outline
    Uses smallest possible units of understanding to outline the main and supporting points
  6. Concrete Language
    Words that are more specific in describing, more "colorful"
  7. Volume
    • loudness
    • most obvious vocal element
  8. pitch
    range of high to low sounds in voice
  9. intonation
    • the rise or fall in pitch
    • (rate of pitch)
  10. supporting points
    represent the supporting material or evidence for the main points
  11. speaking extemporaneously
    • between impromptu and memorized speeches
    • Using an outline
    • Sets a definite structure with flexibility
    • Allows for more eye contact and more knowledge of topic
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