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  1. What are the functions of the circulatory system ?
    1.Supply's oxygenated Blood to all cells

    2.Transports Nutrients to all cells

    3.Removes waste material like co2

    4.Helps to fight Infection

    5.Helps with temperature regulation
  2. What are the functions of the skeletal system ?
    1. Provides shape and structure

    2. Provides support and movement

    3. Provides protection for vital Organs

    4. Bones produce Blood cells

    5. Provides storage for minerals
  3. Why is calcium such an Important Mineral ?
    1.Calcium strengthens Bones and teeth

    2.Aids the functioning of Muscles and nerves

    3.Regulates the blood acid balance of the body

    4.Is vital for kidney and brain function

    5.Is vital for brain function and many other cell processes
  4. Name the three bones on each side of the Pelvic girdle ?
    1.The ilium

    2.The Ischium

    3.The Pubis or pubic Bone
  5. What are the Main functions of the vertebral column ?
    1. Provides Support

    2. Protects the spinal cord

    3. Acts as a shock Absorber

    4. Allows for limited Range of Movement
  6. What are the functions of the Muscular system ?
    1. Generates movement

    2. Stabilizes Joints

    3. Maintains Posture

    • 4. Helps to regulate Temperature Control
  7. What can a muscle do ?
    1. A muscle can only contract/shorten

    2. Or stop contracting/Relax
  8. During what exercise would a muscle push a bone ?
    1. A muscle only ever pulls a bone it never pushes it
  9. Name the two different types of Contraction ?
    1. Isometric = The muscle contracts but no movement occurs

    2. Isotonic = The muscle contracts and movement occurs
  10. How many vertebrae are in the coccyx ?
    There are four fused Vertebrae In the coccyx
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